STD Test Online Provider Discusses the Benefits of Knowing if One has a Sexually Transmitted Disease or Not

Express STD Testing is an online-based service that specializes in helping people get discreetly tested for sexually transmitted diseases. They do this by providing access to over 4500 certified testing centers nationwide where no one at the testing clinic will know why the person visits there. It’s also a responsible company that wants people to be aware of the benefits of knowing if they have a sexually transmitted disease or not. A topic which Jack Lombardi, a spokesperson for the company, wanted to discuss further.

Lombardi, says, “We started our company because we realize that many people are reluctant to take an STD test because of all of the negativity that people often associate with these types of tests. That’s why we came up with a way that people can get tested for the presence of an STD without announcing to the world that they are doing it. Those at our company also feel that many benefits come with someone knowing if they have an STD or not. This is true whether they suspect they actually have a sexually transmitted disease or they just want to make sure they don’t have one after an intimate encounter.”

The Express STD Testing company spokesperson says that the benefits of getting tested for an STD start by enabling a person to regain control over their sexual health and take the guesswork out of whether or not they should continue to be intimate with others. There is a lot of peace of mind that goes along with that. It’s also a very responsible way to handle what could be a situation that ends up negatively impacting many people's lives. He also mentioned that if someone has been intimate with a person that they do not know well, then it may not be a bad idea to get an STD test just to be safe. This is especially true if another partner’s health is at stake. Lombardi mentioned that getting tested in this situation can help avoid an embarrassing and stressful situation later on instead of a person’s normal and faithful sexual partner getting diagnosed with having an STD. Another big concern is that some STDs can be transmitted non-sexually and this can negatively impact the children in a household too.

There is also the fact that several types of STDs have long-term health consequences. The company spokesperson discussed some of the most concerning sexually transmitted diseases. One of which is Chlamydia whose long-term effects can damage a woman’s reproductive system and their ability to get pregnant. He says Gonorrhea can also affect both male and female reproductive capability if left untreated. Also mentioned were hepatitis and syphilis which can produce several adverse health conditions including ones that can eventually lead to death. Lombardi also stated that just about everybody is aware of the adverse effects HIV can have on the human body and the sooner it’s detected and treated the better the chance there is of a positive outcome. He also wanted people to be aware that being proactive when it comes to STD testing is never a bad idea because many sexually transmitted diseases do not show any symptoms until a person is in the latter stages of the disease.

Lombardi went on to say that not only is their testing discreet but it's also very thorough. That’s because they use what they termed a ‘10-Panel STD Test’. It’s an FDA-approved test that will detect all different forms of STD’s and the person being tested will usually have their results in 1 to 2 days. The whole process only involves less than 5-minutes of time being spent at an approved testing center. He added that the privacy of their testing is completely guaranteed as is their customers being 100% satisfied with the company’s STD testing services. For those clients that do receive a positive STD test result, they have established many contacts with experienced doctors that can get that client the medicine and other help that they need.

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