Startup Finds Product Market Fit in Less than 30 Days with the Help of

Austin, Texas -, a company based in Austin, TX, is proud to report on how a startup finds product market fit in less than 30 days. Product market fit is that situation in which the company’s target customers are buying, using and informing other people about the company’s product and these activities are sufficiently large to sustain the product’s growth and profitability. This was revealed in an interview with Mitch Lawson, CEO and co-founder of the startup, Subflow.

Subflow offers a subscription-based digital product that can be used by fitness trainers. The product can be used as a tool by fitness trainers for quickly collecting payment from subscribers and for managing, communicating and engaging with their subscribers with the services or content that they are offering. By using the Subflow product, fitness trainers would be able to stay in touch with their subscribers and their subscribers would find it easy to connect with their fitness trainer virtually. Subscribers will enjoy the benefit of easily connecting with their fitness coach and perhaps ask some questions or get some advice, without having to go to the gym or having to download and use an app.

subflow finds product market fit

Mitch Lawson also realized that their product need not be focused on fitness trainers. It can actually be used by anyone who is offering a service or content that offers value on a recurring basis but they decided to focus on fitness trainers as a start. And when they were launching Subflow, their main focus was on reaching out to as man potential customers as possible, gathering feedback and finding product market fit. And they were surprise to discover that with the help of, they were able to find product market fit in under 30 days.

Mitch Lawson says, “Paul was able to come in and build a framework for us, and not only set it up for us, but also teach us how to run the strategy ourselves. And we’re already seeing that pay off. I constantly have leads coming in. Paul’s process helps all of that.”

Founded in 2016, is an agency that sells a strategy rather than a service. They will either apply their strategy for the business in just 90 days, which they call the 90-Day Millionaire; or they train the client’s team on how to implement the strategy on their own. The latter is what they call the Millionaire's Club Academy. They will also advertise the client’s business online as little as $250 per month. There will be no commitments, no minimum spend, and no contracts. As such, they offer flexibility to small businesses in running their campaigns based on their preferred budget.

The 90-Day Millionaire is a hands-on workshop with a duration of three months and includes the implementation of the strategy that has already grown more than 300 businesses. One of the businesses that was able to achieve success with the 90-Day Millionaire is Jesamondo, which is owned by Matt Traiger. This company was able to scale up from zero to $3.5 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 14 months.

The Millionaire’s Club Academy is a 12-month online academy with weekly consulting workshops. It during these workshops that they provide the client with step-by-step video instructions on how to fully implement the strategy. These videos are divided into five modules. The first module is for setting up Hubspot. The second module is for creating the VSL funnel. The third module is for initial traction. The fourth module for beginning to scale. And the fifth module is for maximizing scale. Those who enroll in this online academy will also have access to their entire team, get discounts on different software used in the academy, have access to their proprietary SEO page builder, and have access to their proprietary Google ad campaign builder.

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