Star Spray Foam Insulation Explains Open Or Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation in NOLA

Star Spray Foam Insulation, a company based in New Orleans, LA, has recently published a blog post providing information on open or closed-cell spray foam insulation. This kind of insulation is used in residential or commercial buildings in New Orleans. The article explains that open cell insulation in New Orleans uses water as a blowing agent, thus forming “bubbles” that ultimately harden, resulting in a lighter density that can breathe better in vaporous atmospheres. This is frequently used in higher humidity climates and as attic insulation.

Meanwhile, closed-cell insulation is the more costly option. It has the best R-value per inch when compared to open-cell, fiberglass, and cellulose insulation. However, it is important to have this kind of insulation handled by professionals who really know how to install it properly, or else it will do more harm than good for the property. It does have a negative aspect because it is made from hydrofluorocarbon, which scientists claim may contribute significantly to global warming. Closed-cell insulation makes use of carbon dioxide, which is extremely potent compared to open-cell. However, this material is usually installed in a thin film.

Open-cell insulation has several advantages. These include the use of fewer resources; bi-directional drying; ability to accommodate long-term seasonal movement; hydrophobic characteristics; good air barrier features; enhanced sound-proofing; and permeability for humid climates.

On the other hand, the advantages of closed-cell insulation include low-temperature applications; racking strength; impact resistance; continuous insulation solutions; narrow space accommodation; lower vapor and less permeability; and high tenacity and bond strength.

Meanwhile, Star Spray Foam Insulation is an insulation contractor capable of installing various kinds of insulation in New Orleans. They can install open-cell spray foam insulation, which is often used for corners and tight areas where it expands to fill crevices and that might otherwise allow air to pass through.

They can also install closed-cell spray foam insulation, which is frequently used for bigger, more open areas. This particular type of spray foam insulation is one of the most effective temperature barriers, allowing the furnace to heat the inside of the home or commercial building, not the outdoors.

They can also install cellulose fiber insulation, which has the advantage of being flame-resistant, tightly-packed, an effective blocker for air leaks, and a sound blocker. It is also a great choice for providing insulation for the home or commercial building but it may be a good idea for the homeowner or property owner to consult with a professional to make the proper choice of insulation.

A spokesperson for Star Spray Foam Insulation says, “As a homeowner, you don’t want to overpay for heating. As residential insulation contractors, we offer energy audits to determine your areas of energy leakage. Your insulation contractor will determine the flow of energy in your home, from heating and cooling to insulation quality, to appliance ventilation. Then, they’ll inform you of the biggest energy leaks in your home – saving you up to 20% on your energy bill. If you need additional insulation to save energy, our local residential insulation contractors can help. They’re equipped to insulate from your attic to your floor, and every place in-between.”

For businesses, poor insulation can result in substantial expenses that can affect every area of the business. Increased operating costs will reduce profits; in addition, unstable temperatures may degrade employee morale. Chilly or overly-hot facilities could also discourage customers and clients from spending time inside the store or office.

Proper insulation is key to keeping a company’s team comfortable, keeping profits high, and ensuring that customers are happy. The team at Star Spray Foam Insulation offers affordable insulation alternatives for every business. They will not only audit the company’s energy usage and test the current insulation, but they will also check the blower door for insulation and energy leaks. Then, we’ll recommend the best steps to optimize energy savings.

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