Stairlifts London Offers Products Which Can Help Many People With Disabilities Live Independently

Stairlifts London Company UK knows that many people all over the UK, whether from advancing age or from disability or accident have difficulty getting up or down stairs. Choosing to rent or buy a stairlift can make all the difference as to whether or not a person can stay home or whether they need to go into some type of assisted living.

Marla Tanner, a spokesperson for the company, said, “Life gives us all many more pressing things to think about than just how, or whether, to go up or down stairs. Stairlifts London provides people with options that can make all the difference as to whether someone is able to stay in their own home or not.” The company offers both straight and curved models to accommodate nearly all types of staircases. Ms. Tanner continued, “Our company also does stairlift installations into commercial buildings, and this service is something that all building owners and businesses should consider. Accommodating people with disabilities or injuries is very important and of course offering such accommodations can actually increase business.”

Increased efficiencies in manufacturing processes have made stairlifts more affordable than ever before and there are of course more of them available on the market than there once were, which also tends to drive prices down. Stairlifts London offers both refurbished and brand new stairlifts for both rental and purchase.

On Stairlift London’s website, there are several explanations of the different options as well as useful contact information and forms where the public can write in and ask questions about the products and services. Unlike many of its competitors, Stairlift London understands the importance of having an idea what the price range of these stairlifts may be and they state that the costs start as low as about £1290 with installation included.

One of their customers, Lucy B., said, “I wish I had made this decision much sooner. I have found things so much easier to deal with knowing that I can just ride my lift to go up or down and to do so safely. I was worried about what would happen if there was a power cut but it was not a problem – I actually was able to go up and down three times and they told me that I would have had more trips than that stored in the lifts’ battery.”

The company also wants people to be aware that in some circumstances people can be eligible for a grant from their local council called a Disabled Facilities Grant. Sometimes those grants make a stairlift very affordable – particularly when it helps a disabled person to stay in his or her own home. In order to apply for this grant the person must be either An owner-occupier, a private tenant, a landlord with a disabled tenant, a local authority tenant, or A housing association tenant. Local councils should be able to provide all needed information to make application.

Ms. Tanner said that clients are often surprised to find out that the technology can actually work in their particular home. “People don’t realize, for example, that a stairlift can actually go around corners, or around curves. We have heard it all,” she said.

Another frequent concern is the weight limit for a stairlift. In most cases the limits are in the neighborhood of 19 stone, although models for curved staircases may allow a little more.

The installation of the lifts themselves takes only a few hours. The amount of room required for the lifts are not excessive. Generally speaking, the stairs need to be about 29 inches wide to accommodate a stairlift. There will need to be about 18 to 20 inches to accommodate the lift itself, in order to allow the user to get on or off the lift.

Those interested or with questions can contact the company at its website through the webform or by telephoning to 020 3984 8618.


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