St. Paul Dentist Releases Article on Effects of Aging on Teeth

Chalet Dental Care, a dental office in St Paul, MN, has recently released a blog post that explains the effects of aging on teeth. It is important to know the characteristics of aging teeth to ensure proper dental hygiene and maintain the physical appearance of the teeth as a person ages. It is also vital to note that older adults with fewer teeth are less likely to have a diversified diet. Studies have shown that people who have lost a large number of teeth will progressively change their food choices, usually avoiding foods that are difficult to chew, such as nuts, red meats, and vegetables, which are rich in protein.

In addition, people with fewer teeth tend to have self-esteem problems, refusing to eat in public or in groups. Food choices are further limited because of this and overall health suffers. And finally, those who only have a few teeth left tend to prefer softer and processed foods, which usually have less nutritional value and tend to be high in cholesterol, which can lead to problems with heart disease and clogged arteries.


Thus, it is vital to protect aging teeth to have a better quality of life and keep the body healthy. Chalet Dental Care can play a huge role in helping elderly people preserve their teeth. This St. Paul dental clinic offers a complete range of dentistry services for adults and offers both standard and specialized dental care to address specific needs.

First of all, the tooth enamel is subject to wear and tear, which means that aging teeth are likely to have eroded tooth enamel and blunt biting edges. There is also a higher risk of serious gum disease in older people. Gum disease usually occurs as a result of the prolonged buildup of plaque, which ultimately results in bleeding and swelling of the gums. Chalet Dental Care can also help with this with their highly experienced dental hygienists.

Older people also tend to have dry mouth because of medications that are being taken to manage age-related issues. Dry mouth is a side effect of several medications because they prevent the salivary glands from producing sufficient quantities of saliva to keep the mouth wet. Unfortunately, a dry mouth can create an environment that is more conducive for bacteria that in turn increases the risks of tooth decay and gingivitis. An individual with dry mouth is also more prone to developing mouth infections, such as periodontal disease. This is because saliva can wash away excess bacteria, thus keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Ensuring that the mouth is hydrated is therefore vital to prevent these problems.

It is also important to note that gum health is related to the health of the rest of the body. For instance, if gingivitis is left untreated it can result in a more serious periodontal disease that has been found to be related to other health issues, such as possible stroke. Studies have also shown that there is a connection between gingivitis and diabetes. People with diabetes who also have gum disease find it hard to control their blood sugar levels.

Therefore, as a person ages, good oral health becomes more and more important. At Chalet Dental Care, they offer a broad range of dental services that can help patients achieve healthy gums and teeth. And they also offer preventative treatments to reduce the risks of oral health problems.

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