St Louis SEO Company Helps Businesses Push Through The Pandemic

The Illinois based Chicago Website Design SEO Company is working with local businesses as well as those around the country with the aim of educating them on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An expert in the field, the digital marketing agency is adamant that SEO is one of the best tools for businesses that want to both survive and thrive despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they advise businesses in St. Louis, Missouri to take advantage of the tools at their disposal sooner rather than later.

“You need only a second of thought to conclude that your business will need to shift most if not all of its customer-facing operations to an online platform, such as your website,” observes Jack Lombardi of the Chicago Website Design SEO Company. “However, utilizing an online platform can go much deeper than this, and the results you enjoy in terms of customer interaction and Return On Investment (ROI) can far exceed the budget required.”

In fact, Lombardi asserts that investing in SEO can be both less expensive and more fruitful if done right. This is due to the fact that the field of Search Engine Optimization relies on the manipulation of certain elements within the business’ control (such as their website, their social media platforms and so on) in order to encourage organic interest from their customers. When executed correctly, a business can find that seemingly simple changes will make their business far more friendly to search engine algorithms, which in turn has the effect of rewarding them with easier access to a wider base of customers.

“Before the onset of the pandemic,” Lombardi explains, “our goals were rather simple. Digital marketing agencies worked to get their clients’ brands in front of the public eye as much as possible, and good agencies like us used SEO to get our clients’ brands in front of an audience that was most likely to be interested in purchasing their products or services. This was the key difference between more conventional marketing methods and SEO, the latter of which is a relatively younger field despite the immense promise it represents.”

He continues, “Today, however, things have changed considerably. Until the situation returns to normal, effective advertising may be all that allows a business to keep its head above water. To the team at the Chicago Website Design SEO Company, this means that traditional methods of advertising may fall dangerously far behind what we need to push forward. The answer, instead, is SEO.”

According to the agency, their services span a wide range of services within the field, all of which are designed to make their clients’ brands more accessible to their target demographic. The Chicago Website Design SEO Company achieves this by fine-tuning each clients’ website, social media platform, assorted online resources and more to abide by the strict (and often complicated) requirements of search engines like the Google platform. Much of their service is geared specifically toward Google services as the overwhelming majority of the internet’s searches are run through this platform.

Lombardi explains, “You probably want your business to stand out from the rest, especially if you believe you have something unique to offer and you are getting drowned out by peers you are not strictly in competition with. Every business has a specific niche to occupy, and part of what we do is help you discover that niche—and advertise to the audience in it. Our commitment to you goes far beyond promising you a wider audience, we want you to be visible to people who are likely to connect with your business. Simply becoming more visible is not enough, and now more than ever, we want to help you reach out to people who will become customers.”

More information about the agency can be found on their website, and they invite any business looking for a St Louis SEO company to get in touch with Jack Lombardi as soon as possible. The agency can also be contacted through their social media platforms.


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