St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration Stresses Importance of Fire Damage Restoration in View of the Health Hazards of Residual Smoke and Soot

St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration, a cleaning and restoration services company in St. Louis, Missouri, wants to stress the importance of ensuring high quality fire damage restoration in view of the health hazards of residual smoke and soot. They have recently published a blog post that examines the five health hazards of any leftover soot or smoke in the house or building. Soot and smoke do not only smell unpleasant and look ugly, and are difficult to clean. They may also cause irritation to the eyes and skin and cause other health problems, especially in children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems.

Soot tends to stick to every exposed surface, creating a huge contaminated area. It the soot and smoke are not cleaned fast and properly, there are a number of potential hazards. These include lung disorders, shortness of breath, eye problems, and dry skin. Long-term health may also be affected by smoke in various ways, including increased risk for stroke, cancer, heart attack, and developmental disabilities for teenagers and kids.

The particles that can be inhaled from the smoke and soot may result into bronchitis and other lung problems. These may also worsen symptoms of conditions such as asthma. And the soot particles are not just small enough to embed themselves inside the lungs but some may even enter the bloodstream. Exposure to these particles has even been linked to heart attacks in people who have a heart problem.

Breathing may become difficult for people exposed to the smoke and soot, causing them to cough and possibly develop asthma. Even exposure to soot for a short period of time has been observed to cause permanent damage to respiratory systems. The smoke and soot may also cause dryness of the skin, that may cause irritated skin and rashes. Unfortunately, regular lotion will not be enough to treat dry skin resulting from exposure to soot and smoke.

The smoke may also cause the eyes to become dry, red, itchy, and uncomfortable. And the long-term health of a person exposed to smoke and soot after a fire may be affected in many ways, including having higher risks for stroke, cancer, heart attack, and developmental problems for teenagers and young kids.

It is advisable to consult with fire restoration experts as soon as possible after a fire. This will ensure that soot will be removed properly and damaged items may have higher chances of being restored. The technicians from St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to removing soot from various types of surfaces, including metal, ceramics, crystal, and more. They will be utilizing the most effective equipment and products to safely clean affected items before they become damaged permanently.

Aside from fire damage restoration services, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration also offers mold remediation services, water damage restoration, and cleanups for flooded houses and basements. They can also offer various cleaning services, including commercial COVID-19 cleaning, commercial air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and commercial kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning.

They may also provide additional services. These include: document recovery, dry ice blasting, graffiti removal, pet urine odor treatment, services to counteract sick building syndrome, trauma scene cleanup, and workplace bathroom cleaning services.

Water damage restoration is an important service also provided by St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration because water damage can hit any home or business establishment due to floods, tornadoes, a collapsed roof, burst pipes, sprinkler system discharges, or water from fire hoses used to put out a fire. This is important not just because of the potential damage to the home and personal belongings but also because mold may develop and cause health problems.

Those who are interested in learning more about the hazards of residual fire damage and the various restoration and cleaning services offered may want to check out the St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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