St Louis Cleaning & Restoration Offers Commercial COVID - 19 Sanitizing Services

St. Louis, MO based St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration is pleased to announce that their commercial sanitizing services are confirmed to be effective against COVID-19. With the COVID-19 crisis hanging overhead, having a reliable way to sanitize areas that may have been contaminated is very important, and St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration’s cleaning services can help keep both employees and customers safe. If an employee tests positive, or if someone that comes to the place of business tests positive, professional sanitizing is an absolute necessity to ensure the space is safe for anyone who may visit or work there in the future.

“St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration is doing their part to help stop the spread of the newly discovered coronavirus disease, COVID-19,” the cleaning service says. “We now offer COVID-19 Cleaning for commercial businesses. We understand how tough these times have been on businesses of all types. We want to help protect your workplace, employees and customers from the spread of COVID-19. Using a little elbow grease and cleaning solution is a great first step in disinfecting, but it is impossible to disinfect every square inch of surface areas in a commercial building the traditional way. Germs, bacteria and units of viruses spread into surfaces that can’t be accessed. There are many hard-to-clean items like keyboards, phones and desks with crevices that are potentially covered in pathogenic bacteria. At St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration, we’re offering this service to have a positive impact on workplace absenteeism as well as the overall health of your facility.”

Business owners and facility managers all have an important part to play in keeping both their employees and their customers safe, especially during a pandemic. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or if one simply wants to keep their business safe from the disease, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration can provide support in the form of preventative measures. Using a disinfectant that is registered with the EPA and proven to kill the coronavirus, the cleaning company helps keep business places clean and free of COVID-19.

The company places great emphasis on offering high quality cleaning services and has managed to maintain very high standards of work over the years. “At St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration, we set the highest standards for technician training and certification to ensure that we provide the highest level of service,” says the cleaning company. “We deliver the solutions you need for your restoration and cleaning challenges. St. Louis Cleaning and Restoration has been serving St. Louis families, businesses and corporations since 1991. As a local family-owned company, our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations and provide fair and honest pricing, quality service, innovative technology and unprecedented customer service.”

A number of clients have left great reviews of St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration on Google Maps and other platforms. One review says, “After receiving several bids for our water-damaged basement carpet, St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration not only met our price-point but did so with absolute professionalism! The crew went above and beyond to make sure our house was safe, sanitized and back to normal in no time. Other companies were offering similar services (but at astronomical prices) which really only required the cutting away of some "suspect" drywall. I cannot recommend this company enough for their value, punctuality and quality. The crew were timely, knowledgeable and efficient.”

Another client shares that, “St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration has cleaned our carpets numerous times, and our air ducts once. Their crew is always polite, professional and prompt. They listen to our concerns and provide valid recommendations. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services!”

Businesses or individuals looking for a reliable cleaning service that has the tools and knowledge needed to disinfect areas that may have been exposed to COVID-19 can rely on St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration. Get a quote by contacting the company through their site. St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration is always available to help their clients keep their homes and businesses clean and free of all types of contamination.


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