Spokane’s KBG Insurance & Financial Establishing a Reputation for Saving Their Customers Money on Home Insurance Quotes

KBG Insurance & Financial of Spokane is becoming well-known for finding ways to save their clients’ significant dollars on their home insurance quotes. This is something that has come into play due to the many years of experience that those working at this company have in the insurance business. They don’t take no for an answer when helping their customers find a reasonably priced homeowner's insurance solution and many times this effort results in savings for their clients that can be as high as $600. More on how this highly rated insurance company goes about doing this can be read about here at https://local.google.com/place?id=6417183344472810012&use=posts&lpsid=1385114959512397280.

Joshua Loera, the spokesperson for KBG Insurance & Financial, says, “We are definitely not the type of homeowners insurance provider that just asks for a couple of quotes from our insurance providers and then passes on the results of that small search to our customers. Our agents explore every option available to them to maximize a client’s homeowner's insurance savings. Those at our company like to get a break when we are customers out shopping for products and services, so we make sure that we adopt this same attitude when exploring insurance discounts for our customers. This is not something that we do once in a while in a while either. We do this for every customer that comes to us looking for a new homeowner's insurance policy.”

Loera explained that one of the reasons that they have had so much success saving their customers money on their home insurance is because of all the different insurance options the company has available to them. They can do this because they work with so many insurance providers. Among the big-name insurance companies that they work with include Travelers, Safeco, Grange Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Allstate. He says that many times when they shop for homeowner’s insurance options for a client, they will find something specific to that customer which will enable them to qualify for a big policy discount with one of their insurance providers.

According to Loera, another way they can get their clients' significant savings on their homeowners’ insurance is that they find ways to bundle it with other insurance coverages that they have. Many times, when combining a customer’s homeowners’ policy with such things as their auto insurance, this changes their rate category which can result in some very good savings on each type of insurance. They have repeatedly enjoyed great success with this way of establishing discounts on their clients’ homeowner’s insurance policies.

The company spokesperson added that they can get good discounts for their clients on their homeowner’s insurance whether they have just purchased a new home or own a previously built home. More on how this insurance agency gets big homeowners insurance discounts for their customers can be found under the services section on their Facebook page. This Facebook page can be seen here at https://www.facebook.com/kbgagency.

Leora also said that they do a very good job helping their customers find other affordable insurance solutions too. That includes auto insurance coverage for people not only in Spokane but also in any other part of the state of Washington. Their auto insurance coverage can be obtained for both standard and collector type vehicles. He says that they also specialize in all sorts of life insurance policies. They do a nice job of matching policy amounts with each client’s family’s future financial needs and budget. According to the company spokesperson, they also work very closely with both large and small Spokane businesses to get them the important insurance coverages that they need.


For those that would like more information on KBG Insurance & Financial’s reasonably priced homeowners insurance options or their other insurance services can call them, send them an email, or click on the ‘make an appointment link’ on their website’s homepage. Loera says people are also welcome to stop in at their Spoken office and chat with them in person. The location of their office can be seen here at https://g.page/kbginsuranceagency?gm.


For more information about KBG Insurance & Financial, contact the company here:

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