Spirulina Wiki Releases Latest E3 Live Afa Blue Green Algae Superfood Review

E3Live AFA blue green algae superfood, a type of spirulina supplement produced by the company E3Live, has been reviewed by the website Spirulina Wiki. They highlighted many interesting points, offered in-depth analysis and reviews to help consumers decide if E3AFA is the type of supplement that best fits a person’s health needs.

Spirulina Wiki applauds the brand E3Live for producing E3AFA that have impressive features such as being 100% organic and kosher certified, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, has no added preservatives, and non-GMO.

e3live afa review

The company claimed their product E3Live E3AFA is the highest quality of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae in powder form. This blue green algae supplement is backed by some of the world’s foremost health authorities for its high nutritional content and many health benefits - may help increase level of endurance, up energy and vitality, enhance mood balance, improve focus and concentration, as well as strengthen the immune system. Other users sought the E3Live AFA product for its skin, nails, and hair benefits.

According to Spirulina Wiki, E3Live harvests their blue green algae in the Upper Klamath Lake in the southernmost region of Oregon. They claim the lake is free of harmful elements (bad bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides). Certified and independent USDA laboratories regularly conduct tests for E3AFA food safety, shelf-life, and other purity tests. With a team composed of expert harvesters and most competent engineers, E3Live guarantees consumers they are getting the highest quality of blue green algae superfood.

With regular use of E3Live AFA, most users report a positive experience. One user claimed she has improved ability to remember facts, has more energy and feels alert. She also adds she is less likely to catch a virus or two when people around her are ill.

A mom with a newborn baby also has high praises for this particular spirulina product. She claimed she feels more sluggish if she misses to take her E3AFA and that she is impressed with her level of energy even if she gets little sleep.

Additional benefits are also given by health experts. For example, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, one of the world’s foremost holistic medical doctors, discovered that AFA's may help bring about peak performance of body, mind, and spirit. This means having the ability to function at a higher level physically, mentally, and emotionally.

New York based practitioner Dr. Fred Bisci, with 40+ years experience as a clinical nutritionist under his belt, claimed E3AFA has a healthy, wholesome, and lasting energy-boosting effect without "crashing" unlike unhealthy stimulants such as sugar and caffeine. Further reading on additional health benefits is at the Spirulina Wiki website.

To those who are interested, E3Live AFA blue green algae supplement can be bought in either powder or capsule form. Both preparations are packed with more essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids compared to other products sold in the market. The powdered form is available in weights of 50 grams or 460 grams per bottle, while the capsule form offers more variety with available dosages such as 60ct (400mg), 120ct (400mg), 240ct (400mg), and 500ct (500mg). E3Live recommends taking 1 scoop of E3AFA powder 1-2 times per day, or 2 caps 1-2 times per day. Increased water intake is also highly suggested while on this supplement.

Spirulina Wiki warns first time users of detoxification symptoms one might experience with E3AFA as a side effect. With the ultimate goal of improving overall health and wellness, this type of supplement helps eliminate toxins from the body. Depending on level of exposure to external toxins (e.g. nicotine, alcohol, sugar), one may experience headaches, irritability, constipation or diarrhea, fatigue and weakness, and even cold and flu like symptoms. The duration of this detoxification period usually lasts for 7 days. Spirulina Wiki emphasized this varies from one individual to another. Some may experience mild symptoms while others are undetectable at all. However, if symptoms persist, it is strongly advised to stop using the product and consult a medical doctor as soon as possible.

For a more comprehensive review on E3Live E3AFA blue green algae superfood, check out the website spirulinawiki.com. Spirulina Wiki also published this article about E3 Brain On Supplement, another blue green algae product by E3Live.


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