Spiritual Wall Art & Decor Available At Christian Walls

Knoxville, Tennessee based Christian Walls is pleased to offer a range of contemporary spiritual wall art and decor. The company’s modern Christian wall art can provide the perfect touch of spiritual ambience a home needs to proudly express its residents' beliefs. Learn more here: https://www.christianwalls.com/.

The company offers a range of wall decor which are adorned with many popular and insightful scripture verses from the Bible. As the company offers a wide range of options, they are confident that a customer would be able to find their favorite bible quotes. Some of the more recognizable quotes include those from the books of Philippians, Proverbs 3:5-6, John 3:16, Romans, Matthew, Mark, Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalms 23 and 91. Other options include quotes such as, “Be Still and Know That I am God,” the Serenity Prayer, “Love is Patient Love is Kind” and even wall decor which quotes “Amazing Grace.”

Customers may similarly find beautiful artwork of Jesus Christ, The Lord’s Prayer, Praying hands and the Ten Commandments. Christian Walls is highly cognizant of how inspiring scripture can be, and their designs are made to reflect this. As such, customers can browse through options that share uplifting words and phrases, including “Strong & Courageous,” and “Footprints in the Sand” and many more to inspire onlookers to walk closer with God. The company also sells custom Christian wall decor which are framed, and bible quote options are available in the NIV (New International Version), KJV (King James Version) or any version of God’s holy word. A variety of wall art options, such as paintings, prints and pictures are available that make perfect gifts for men and women alike. The company boasts a stunning selection of decor and many pieces of Christian canvas-printed wall art which would appeal greatly to those looking to include more spirituality in their lives.

For all of the Christian wall art in their store, the company uses the latest technology and components that print very beautiful and clear images onto frameless and framed prints. All of the Christian wall art decor, for instance, is framed with pinewood on the back. The canvases are printed, stretched and crafted over a sturdy wooden frame to give it a frameless and contemporary look that is uplifting, popular and inspiring. The art is also light weight because it is stretched over a pine wood frame and sprayed with a protective cover (which makes it resistant to scratching or fading due to sunlight). All of the artwork is gallery wrapped in the same way that modern day fine-art galleries hang their pieces. The inks used are not water-based but archival, which makes the artwork last longer and gives a brighter finish. In certain cases, the company uses premium cotton paper, used professionally in galleries as well.

One may add such decor to their own family room or present it as a gift. When ordering Christian wall art from the company, a customer can choose from a wide selection of bible verse wall art, and they will not be charged extra for the custom designs that the team has designed for them. The company’s customers include homeowners who have purchased art for their own homes, and some artwork has even been purchased for churches. If a homeowner wishes to add a religious area to their home, their options for high quality Christian canvas wall art prints are just a click away. The company is also open to customized prints and decor so that a client may bring their visions to life as well.

For almost 3 years now, Christian Walls has followed a mission which has evolved over time. The company, which began as a family business, is now also a vocation which gives back to their community. It is their way of spreading the word of God, with an artistic touch. The store’s mission at present has 4 aspects: to do something beautiful for God, to be reminded of God’s word through scripture, to minister to guests through the love of God and to bring people closer to God through beauty in art.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Christian Walls may visit the company’s official website. Similarly, they may contact Peter Song of Christian Walls to inquire further.


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