Specialized Aviation Glasses Available At Method Seven

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven is pleased to bring their high-fidelity aviation glasses to the attention of the pilot community. The company, which specializes in the design and production of prescription glasses for pilots and other individuals in similarly demanding roles, has made it their mission to bring their innovation to all who want the best in both style and function.

According to the company, while pilots realize the crucial role that vision plays in their ability to do their job, many have yet to consider the impact of their eyewear. This is true for all kinds of pilots, whether they are involved in commercial, military or general aviation. Eyes are as diverse as people, and visual needs differ widely from person to person. More standardized forms of eyewear may not be efficient at keeping a pilot in peak condition throughout their day, and the effectiveness of such eyewear varies greatly between individuals.

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Method Seven was founded by a team of, “scientists, engineers and problem-solvers looking to unlock the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light,” according to the company website. These researchers are acutely aware of the various challenges pilots have to deal with, and particularly with the limitations of conventional pieces of eyewear. While the company initially developed glasses for growers with prolonged exposure to high-wattage lights and pilots traveling at mach speeds, they eventually concluded that their products could help a much larger number of people. Vision, they point out, is how the vast majority of people experience the world, and their innovative glasses are beneficial to individuals in both extreme and every day conditions.

Customers can see for themselves by visiting the company’s website and browsing the various products on offer, each of which are accompanied by explanations of their specific capabilities. Method Seven pilot sunglasses are backed by a combination of German, Italian and Japanese engineering, packing the sophistication to master the visual spectrum, enhancing comfort and focus alike.

All of Method Seven’s pilot sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV radiation. While UVA and UVB light may not be cause for alarm in limited amounts, pilots regularly have to spend extended periods in elevated UV environments, and this takes a toll on the eyes. UV exposure increases with altitude, and the company asserts that the best eyewear blocks both UVA and UVB. Additionally, their products feature notch filtering technology, an alternative to polarized sunglasses that can interfere with the UV coatings on certain windscreens. Method Seven’s non-polarized flight glasses do not have this issue.

The company’s proprietary SKY lenses feature thirteen different coatings that improve visibility, acuity and the ability to perform visual tasks. While these coatings serve to balance color, contrast, and reduce glare, the mineral glass construction filters UV and absorbs infrared. An anti-reflective coating also protects eyes by preventing peripheral light from reflecting on the back of the lens into the eye. These are only a few examples of the many considerations that go into the design of Method Seven glasses.

Those looking for aviator prescription glasses and similar products are welcome to reach out to the team at Method Seven to get started. Further details regarding each of the company’s specialized glasses can also be found on their website.


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