Spartanburg Roofing Company Gives Tips on How to Hire the Best Commercial Roofer

Dave’s Roofing in Spartanburg, SC is a roofing company that has been providing quality commercial roofing services to area businesses for many years now. That’s why they fully understand why hiring the right contractor to do commercial roofing work is such a critical decision. It can mean the difference between a business having a problem-free roof well into the future or one that constantly leaks and is the source of much worry and frustration. The company felt this was such an important topic that it was more than worthy to dedicate an entire blog article to this subject. Visite there website at and visit the blog tab / menu bar at the top of the homepage website.

The company owner, Dave Starkey, says, “One of the most challenging types of roofs that we work on are those found on top of commercial buildings. This is especially true if they are flat or low slope roofs. That’s because these have a much harder time shedding water than roofs that have a steep pitch to them. This means if they are not installed or repaired correctly, water will pond on them and this can have some dire consequences as far as future leaking is concerned. It’s also why hiring the right contractor to do a commercial roof installation or repair is so important. Our new blog does a nice drop of addressing exactly how to go about finding the right commercial roofing contractor for your business."

This new company blog, which is titled ‘Secure Your Roof With The Right Professional’, started by saying that it’s a must that a company not only hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor, but that contractor also takes the time to do a thorough roofing evaluation to determine the best way to keep a roof watertight for many years to come. It also mentioned that any business wants to also hire a commercial roofing professional that places a strong emphasis on safety such as Dave’s Roofing does. No company wants to live with the fact that a serious injury or property damage incident occurred while a contractor was working on their roof. In the newly posted article, it also mentions the importance of hiring a commercial roofing company that only uses high-quality materials. This goes a long way toward a company having a roof that is leak and worry-free well into the future. This Dave’s Roofing blog article also discussed the need for a commercial roofing contractor to be able to come up with a cost-effective solution for their customer and be known for doing quality installation work. The newly posted blog also suggested that it’s imperative that a business hire a commercial roofer that has a reputation for providing quick service and smoothly executing their contracted business roofing work.

Other helpful blog articles that can be seen under the ‘Blog’ Heading on this contactor’s website here - Dave's Roofing Blog include such titles as ‘5 Concerning Winter Damage Roofing Issues You Should Be Aware Of’, the ‘Top 6 Residential Roofing Materials’, and ‘7 Signs That Your Roof Has Storm Damage’.

According to Starkey, they are not only a competent commercial roofing company with an excellent reputation, but they also provide a wide variety of commercial roofing solutions for their Spartanburg area business customers. This includes doing both sloped and low-sloped commercial roofing work. He says that this consists of working with many different flat roof coatings and sealants that meet a variety of different budget and longevity concerns. Some of the flat roof coatings they have a long history of installing successfully include modified bitumen, single-ply membrane, and more traditional built-up commercial roof coverings. The company owner mentioned that they have also proven to be the area's leader when it comes to working with commercial metal roofing materials. They get their quality roof coverings from reputable commercial coating manufacturers like GAF, Carlisle, Firestone, and Mule-Hide Products. He mentioned that they have no problems taking on everything from large warehouse-size commercial roofing projects to small repairs and routine business roof maintenance.

Those who are looking for more information on the commercial roofing and other services that Daves Roofing - Spartanburg offers can contact them by phone, email, or by clicking on the ‘Schedule a Free Expert Evaluation’ button that’s found on their website’s homepage. Starkey added that anyone is also welcome to stop in and discuss in person with them any commercial or residential roofing needs that they have.


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