Sonic-Twist® Duo Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold Release New CD “Unity” With Video By Michal Shapiro

Starting in September 2020 Sonic-Twist® - Judi Silvano, Voice, and Bruce Arnold, Guitar, began the release of four compositions each month (five in November) for the CD “Unity”.

"Unity" New CD Release From Sonic-Twist®

The much anticipated final release of the duo’s complete “Unity” CD takes place on January 19, 2021.

This project is bold and refreshing. Each track conveys a musical state of consciousness. Each track features the guitar and vocals of Arnold and Silvano respectively, with the exception of "Chrysalis" a solo guitar track by Bruce Arnold.

"Unity" seems to mirror the feelings and the reality that people are dealing with and searching for today on many levels.

From elation to wonder, from bursting out of refracted jagged edges to engaging in light-hearted wonderment at the “mysteries of life”, to reflective moods of acceptance and contemplation.

The videos accompanying these musical vignettes come from the fertile palette of artist, painter, and world traveler Michal Shapiro.

Each musical piece is further explored by her visual imagination in ways that are both serious and playful, with multiple visual tonal and color effects that vibrate Shapiro’s ruthless, sinuous, adventurous vision.

The combination of each artist’s aesthetic is genuine, truthful, and inviting.

Silvano’s voice is a major focus in each video. The way the voice moves, the range exhibited, the color-shifting, the emotional highs and lows, the ups and downs are singularly and powerfully conveyed.

Bruce Arnold’s guitar masterfully shifts time and space with a tone palette fortified with Electric Guitar Super Collider and Jam Pedals while Silvano’s voice utilizes Triple Play Interface, Apollo Twin Interface running an Eventide plug-in.

The titles of each piece reflect the varied subjects uppermost on the minds of both Silvano and Arnold.

“A Ha”, “That’s What That Is”, “Capricious”, “Compression Expansion”, “Confabulation”, “I Saw That”, “Bruce’s Boogie”, “Dryads”, “Lacewing”, “Hovercraft” “Flutterby”, “Ha”, “Home Free”, “Chrysalis”, “Shaman’s Plane”, “Frisky”, “Shimmer Down”, and “Unity” are the titles featured.

The spotlight is on dancers Maria Mitchell and Hilary Brown in three videos, “Dryads”, “Confabulation” and “Bruce’s Boogie”. Adding the element of dance brings the music to another level of combined artistry. Silvano’s history as a dancer informs this important addition to the Sonic-Twist® body of work.

The two co-composers Bruce Arnold and Judi Silvano, have an uncanny mental communication that facilitates cohesive and intelligent melodies, underlined by harmonic simpatico.

Each piece is a feature release on “Radial by The Orchard” and easy to find on YouTube. The January 19, 2021 release date makes the CD available on streaming platforms and from the artist's individual websites.

“Unity” is a welcome addition to 2021’s newest musical releases with hopes that the messages conveyed will continue to inspire unity on all levels. Check out the video links below:






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Sonic Twist® Record Label: Muse Eek Recordings
Michal Shapiro