Solar Sun Surfer Is Offering Residential Solar Panel Installation Services In CA

Solar Installation in CaliforniaSolar power company Solar Sun Surfer is offering residential solar panel installation in California.

Solar technology is seeing an increased interest in recent times from both the government and private investors. The advancement in technology along with the increase in funding has led to many previous barriers, such as the prohibitive costs of installation, becoming a non-issue. The fluctuations in the fossil fuel industry and the concern over its effect on climate change are also some of the reasons behind the gradual switch to renewable and greener sources of energy such as solar. According to some estimates by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) in a report published in November 2019, solar energy is predicted to undergo widespread adoption all around the world and contribute to almost a quarter of the total energy consumption by 2050.

California is leading the nation in solar panel use and installation due to the encouragement from the state government in the form of rebates, incentives, and benefits. Residents have begun to see the change in consumer mindsets as more and more homeowners choose to install solar panels on their rooftops. The company notes that when one drives through any of the state’s many neighborhoods, they are bound to see many homeowners who have already taken the leap and entered the new solar energy economy.

The installation of solar panels makes sense not only from an environmental standpoint, but it is also a fiscal no-brainer as families can save thousands of dollars every year on their power bills by installing solar photovoltaic cell panels. According to some estimates by Solar Sun Surfer, a home can save around $50,000 over the lifetime of the solar cells. These savings are very enticing and may be the tipping point for families that are already on the fence about installing solar panels to save power.

When looking for a service that can set up solar photovoltaic arrays on a home’s rooftop, a homeowner should take into account a few important considerations. The most important is the experience of the contractor and their comfort level with the work they are doing. Installing solar cells requires skills and knowledge that a regular roofing contractor may not have. It takes years of studying the industry and working with the panels to be able to install the cells properly within a reasonable time and without any missteps.

Solar Sun Surfer is a premier solar power company in California that has been close to the solar panel installation industry for a long time. The company’s crew of experienced solar panel installation experts have been trained in the use of the latest technology and equipment to do a high-quality installation job each and every time. The company offers efficient solar home panel installation, solar water heater, solar pool heater installations, and commercial property solar solutions and installation.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its expertise by saying, “We have been on the cutting edge of the solar panel installation industry since its inception. We offer all the services that you might need to get started on the path to cleaner and greener energy utilization. It also makes financial sense as you can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills every month. If you take part in your local electricity company’s net metering program you can send power back to the grid for a further reduction in your energy bill. Our company’s experienced personnel will also help you find the rebates and incentives that you can benefit from. Another key benefit is that a home with a solar panel installation will be able to net a higher sale price if you ever decide to capitalize on your property investment. Call us today and we will help you benefit from the change in the tide of energy usage patterns in the country.”

Solar Sun Surfer provides services to Contra Costa County, Alameda County, San Joaquin County, Solano County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Marin County, Yolo County, Santa Clara County, and San Mateo County. It can be reached at the phone number (415) 223-7999 for quotes and inquires.


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