Solar Saves Money in Phoenix, Says Arizona Wholesale Solar

Arizona Wholesale Solar, a company based in Mesa, Arizona, has revealed that they are focused on becoming the best solar company in Phoenix and that solar energy can help homeowners and other property owners save money. They want to stress that substantial amounts of money can be saved on energy costs, particularly during the hot summer months. Thus, if homeowners start having solar panels installed today, when the months of April and May in 2021 roll around, they will be saving significant amounts of money on their monthly energy bills.

Sonny Rock, owner of Arizona Wholesale Solar, says, “More businesses and homeowners are turning to solar energy than ever before. With continual advances in solar energy technology, off-grid solar power systems are becoming increasingly attractive. By installing solar panels on your property, you can decrease your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and become less dependent on fossil fuel.”

He adds, “We design, sell, and construct solar projects on commercial and residential properties in Maricopa County and throughout the entire state of Arizona. With nearly a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry, we're a top solar company you can trust to design and install a custom solar power system for your property. Those of you who say you’re looking for ‘solar companies near me,’ may want to call us for a free estimate and proposal.”

Arizona Wholesale Solar also helps educate people on how solar energy programs work, the solar equipment that are available, and how to buy or lease a premium quality solar installation at a wholesale price. They want to emphasize that the investment in solar installation is worth it because solar power can decrease energy costs by as much as 80 percent. And as energy costs continue to increase, the savings due to solar will also increase.

The company also offers solar energy consulting services in the Mesa and Phoenix area. They will help in monitoring the efficiency of a particular solar energy system and how much power the solar system is generating and how much of that energy is being used every day. They offer real-time monitoring of solar energy systems and as long as the system is connected to the Internet, they will be able to carefully monitor its energy production.

Arizona Wholesale Solar also offers solar panel installation services for those who need an uninterruptible power supply in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona. This is because solar power may be able to substantially supplement a home’s current power supply, decrease energy expenses, minimize one’s carbon footprint, and decrease dependence on the utility company. When a home or business establishment requests for solar installation, they will first perform an energy audit to determine the best possible solar solution for the home or business.

They will always strive to optimize the solar installation for a home or business. They will evaluate the needs of the property and the possible solar panel locations that will provide the best energy return. They can install roof-mounted solar panels, garage-mounted solar panels, and solar-covered parking areas.

Arizona Wholesale Solar has been in the solar industry throughout the Southwest since 2011. Primarily, their goal is to education customers about solar energy to counteract the confusion or misinformation that is present in the current marketplace. And because solar energy policies that each utility company has are constantly changing, they keep themselves updated about those policies, including the rate plans, fees, and more.

They will seek to completely understand the overall goals of a particular home or business and evaluate post electric power usage. Next, they will show the various available alternatives for going solar so that the client can make the appropriate choice. They offer zero-out-of-pocket purchase programs, capital leases, zero-out-of-pocket lease programs, power purchase agreements, and more.

Those who are interested in solar installation in Phoenix may want to check out the Arizona Wholesale Solar website, or contact them through the phone, or via email.


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