Solar Panel Life Cycle Explained By Austin Solar Panel Installation Specialist

Rowlett, TX based IES Texas Solar recently published a new blog post that aims to shed light on the longevity and durability of solar panels. Given recent events and the overall push for a more self-sufficient economy, the company hopes that this information will encourage more homeowners and businesses to take the next step to power independence and reliability. Read the post in full here: How Long Do Solar Panels Last.

According to the company, the quick answer is that solar panels are generally expected to last an average of at least 50 years (more if they are maintained well), and this is bolstered by the fact that many manufacturers are confident enough in their product to offer a warranty that lasts between 20 - 30 years. This number coincides with the fact that solar panels are also expected to lose some efficiency as they age, becoming approximately 0.5% less efficient each year. This loss is negligible, however, and in 25 years will only amount to an efficiency of around 87.5% of the output they could generate when brand new.

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At this point, the panels will still be able to produce electricity, but advancements in the industry will likely mean that the property owner should consider replacing them with newer panels at that time (as they will undoubtedly be more efficient than panels produced today, even when accounting for degradation). More information can be found here: Solar Panel Installation Austin.

However, IES Texas Solar acknowledges that many who are considering the shift to solar will want to know how durable such panels are and what sort of wear and tear can be expected in regular use. Fortunately, the company reassures their community that photovoltaic panels are manufactured to be as impervious to the elements as possible, and they are only prone to damage in unusual circumstances (such as extreme weather events, vandalism or falling debris). It is recommended that solar panels be inspected by a professional at least once or twice a year in order to ensure they are still fully functional, and the company suggests that the property owner request an inspection immediately following a major storm.

Additionally, snow, ice and hailstones can cause microcracks in the glass that will contribute to the panel’s degradation (and a loss in efficiency). Rapid changes in the weather may also cause thermal stress that leads to the formation of cracks. Notably, such damage can be repaired with minimal hassle and expense if caught early, and this is why the company encourages customers to learn how to identify when the time is right to seek a professional’s assistance.

Present solar panel owners will be able to attest that they require very little maintenance once installed correctly, but this does not mean that they can be ignored completely. Photovoltaic panels need an unobstructed view of the sun to be fully efficient, and this can be reduced if dut builds up on their surface. However, the company cautions owners against cleaning their panels at every possible moment — the best time is to clean them at night when they are cool. Spraying a panel with cold water during the hot daylight hours, for instance, may lead to thermal shock, potentially damaging the system.

According to IES Texas Solar, the best course of action under any circumstances is to maintain a relationship with the contractor that installed the system. They will best understand what it needs and how to get the most out of it, and they are often the most reliable party to turn to when maintenance or repairs are needed. IES Texas Solar is one such company that provides such services for both residential and commercial customers, and they are more than capable of implementing a full solar panel replacement if necessary. Many of the company’s customers have already witnessed how true this is for themselves.

A review from Tamas Bakos on the Google platform awards the company a full 5-Star rating for their services, going on to state that, “IES Solar is highly recommended. They provide a state-of-the-art system and professional service from start to finish. Their marketing, administrative and technical divisions work together and are well coordinated, and they are dedicated to serving the best interests of the customer. They also arranged financial assistance with a very attractive, low interest rate. The installation itself took only six hours. Thank you for the great service!”

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Texas homeowners and businesses are welcome to contact the team at IES Texas Solar if they wish to learn more about photovoltaic panels or request an estimate for an installation on their property. The company would also be pleased to help customers estimate how much they stand to save in terms of energy bills by making the switch to solar power. Learn more here: Solar Panel Cost Savings.


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