Solana Beach Dentist Offers Expert Care To Local Community

Solana Family Dental, a clinic based in Solana Beach, California, is pleased to offer their expert care to the local community through a wide range of services. The Solana Beach dentist offers family and general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry.

As a clinic which offers Family Dentistry, they are equipped to handle any kind of dental problem. The dentists can conduct a complete examination of any patient’s teeth, following which they will discuss possible solutions and offer guidance to help maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. The dental clinic is driven by an intrinsic commitment to creating an environment that is ideal for the entire family. This is one major reason why they strive to maintain a relaxed, friendly environment that is great for small children, teens and adults.

The clinic acknowledges how important a healthy, radiant smile is and how it can influence the way people perceive a person as well. With state-of-the-art technology and modern procedures, the experts at Solana Family Dental strive to provide everyone who comes through the door — regardless of age — the beautiful and healthy smile they have always wanted. As a practice that specializes in Solana Beach dentistry, their philosophy is rooted in professionalism, technology and compassion. All services are offered using a holistic approach to ensure that all patients get long lasting solutions. It all stems from their qualified and experienced dental team.

A visit to the Solana Beach facility may include an initial dental examination, complete professional dental cleaning and also recommendations for further dental procedures, if required. The initial dental examination provides the basis for every dental procedure. Their experts will also conduct a thorough examination to establish the health of the patient’s teeth and the integrity of the surrounding tissues and structures. The clinic uses the latest imaging technology and X-rays to check every detail for a reliable dental and oral health report. After completing the exam, the dentist will discuss their findings with the patient and recommend the most appropriate course of action.

The complete dental cleaning option is recommended by the clinic in most cases, as dental hygiene is indispensable if a person wishes to have good oral health. Besides the regular home cleaning and regimen, regular and consistent professional cleaning is equally important. The clinic’s general and family expert dental hygienists will conduct a thorough periodontal (gum) screening, pocket measuring, hand scaling and tooth polish to remove all tartar and plaque deposits. They recommend that a person should have a professional cleaning done at least twice a year to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Such recommendations for dental procedures serve to inform patients of the best course of action. Necessary care and treatment will be discussed with the patient by one of the clinic’s dentists (based on the findings of the initial examination). The clinic has several dental procedures conducted by skilled and passionate dentists using the industry’s best practices. Each dentist will only recommend the most appropriate procedure for a patient’s unique condition. Although some procedures may require one or two visits, others may require several visits before the condition can be fully addressed and complete healing achieved. Learn more here:

The Solana Beach clinic also offers Invisalign and Clear Correct. These are easy and pain free ways to improve one’s teeth, as Invisalign and Clear Correct are solutions that use invisible yet removable aligners to gradually move a patient’s teeth into place. The clinic extends their expertise for cosmetic procedures as well. To quote the clinic, “We believe that nothing should hinder your beautiful smile.” They offer a wide range of procedures and solutions to treat broken or displaced teeth. Their team of experts will go over the options with a patient and help them choose one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures which are both available and most suitable to their condition.

The clinic’s staff is committed to helping patients enhance their smiles at home and urges their local community to maintain proper home dental care. A person should also have regular visits to monitor any conditions that may develop. The clinic’s dedication to expert care is highlighted by their many positive reviews. Maurie S. rates the clinic 5 Stars in their Google review, explaining that, “I have always had a wonderful experience from start to finish at Solana Family Dental. Friendly and helpful staff, pleasant and professional hygienists, and Dr. Sandler is thorough, educational and funny! I highly recommend this practice!”

To learn more about Solana Family Dental, one may visit the clinic’s official website. Patients are also welcome to contact Elan Weinstein of Solana Family Dental directly to follow up on any further inquiries.


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