Solana Beach Dentist Explains How a Perfect Smile Can Help with Dating

Solana Family Dental, a dental office in Solana Beach, CA, has published a new blog post that explains how a perfect smile can melt somebody’s heart and is perfect for those who are dating and in search of a relationship. Stained, uneven, or missing teeth can affect a person’s smile and also negatively impact that person’s self-confidence and affect relationship and dating goals. Fortunately, the Solana Beach dentist at Solana Family Dental may help a person achieve that perfect smile.

One of the services offered at Solana Family Dental that can help with a person’s smile is teeth cleaning. People can also get braces that will help in straightening the teeth. Another important dental procedure for improving one’s smile is teeth filling. Their dentistry team uses state of the art equipment, quality materials, and reliable methods to ensure conservative, safe, effective, and comprehensive dental treatment.

They offer cleaning and prevention procedures because they know that prevention is always better than cure. Another thing that can affect a person’s smile is periodontal disease, which affects the gums and then the teeth. However, they want to emphasize that it has to be a collaboration between the professional dental team and the patient. Such preventive measures can help in preserving the natural dentition and prevent medical expenses that are related to serious dental illnesses and conditions, including preserving the patient’s natural smile.

They will provide professional dental cleaning services and then educate the patient on the most effective ways to prevent dental problems that can be done at home. It is vital for the patient to maintain a thorough oral cleaning routine everyday and make regular visits to the Solana Beach dentistry office for professional teeth cleaning and comprehensive dental examination. For home care, they recommend brushing teeth two to three times daily with fluoridated toothpaste; flossing once a day; and rinsing of mouth after meals if it is not possible to brush the teeth.

The comprehensive dental exam provided by Solana Family Dental has a number of components. These include a low dose, digital radiographic exam when necessary; gum disease evaluation; TMJ evaluation; examination of any existing restorations; examination of tooth decay; oral cancer screening; orthodontic exam, which includes tooth position and bite; and head and neck screening. Meanwhile, their dental cleaning services include: teeth polishing; removal of calculus or tartar; removal of plaque and accretions; and application of fluoride when required.

Solana Family Dental also provides cosmetic dentistry services. They offer porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns, and inlays or onlays. With the advancement of cosmetic dentistry technology, the dentists are able to provide treatment for various dental conditions and restore or enhanced smiles.

Solana Family Dental also offers Invisalign and Clear Correct clear trays or transparent incremental aligners for adjusting teeth alignment. Their expert team will examine teeth crowding, spacing, or improper bite to ensure that the patient can use these transparent aligners. These can be used instead of the traditional braces and porcelain veneers. This will simply require a computerized model of the teeth structure of the patient. The prescribed movement of the teeth is then designed and the clear trays are engineered to correct any misalignment.

They also offer treatments for periodontal disease, which begins with inflammation of the gums because of tartar and plaque accumulation. When the inflammation of the gums becomes more advanced, the gums turn red and the condition becomes gingivitis. Fortunately, this condition may be reversed though intervention provided by a dental professional and following a good home care regimen. If the condition is not addressed, inflammation may worsen and the bacteria will multiply and the body will react by losing bone and support around the teeth.

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