Social Media and Content Strategies for Black Entrepreneurship Revealed

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Dallas-Based “Contentpreneur” Chastin J Miles Shares Expertise On Content & Social Media For Business Growth With Other African American Businesses

Real Estate Expert, Thought Leader, Public Speaker, and Author Chastin J. Miles of CJM INternational is looking to share his knowledge of marketing through social media with other prospective black entrepreneurs in an effort to turn common obstacles faced by Black American business owners into opportunities.

Social Media and Content Strategies for Black Entrepreneurship Revealed

Though African Americans make up over 13% of the U.S. population, only 7% of businesses are black-owned. Black business owners who aspire to entrepreneurship face a number of challenges, including lack of funds or resources - such as key marketing strategies - needed to grow their businesses. Chastin J. Miles is looking to change this by offering revolutionary information that can affect true change for the black community of entrepreneurs - a first-of-its-kind approach.

Miles is the face of successful black entrepreneurship having distinguished himself by successfully using social media to build a multi-million dollar business. Having started in the real estate industry, he is also an author, thought leader, and speaker. Miles passionately believes that by passing on his expertise and know-how about marketing effectively through social media and content creation, he can help other black businesses reach their goals.

Through his Creator Academy, Miles aims to help new and potential entrepreneurs understand that social media and creating viable content for marketing is a powerful method that can be utilized at no to low cost. Miles believes by sharing this information, he can bridge the information gap and help black entrepreneurs grow their wealth and boost businesses.[1]

“It’s important to me because I feel like there’s so much information that’s not shared in the black community that can make us wealthy. There’s a certain way social media marketing can be harnessed to produce massive wealth and success - and I want to share that,” said Miles. “Over the years I’ve learned that wealth is not just about what you have, it’s about how you use what you have to impact a community. We have the power to rewrite the narrative and change the future of Black wealth if we can collectively share knowledge within our community… don’t keep knowledge a secret.”

Miles’ strategy is one of a kind and his life-changing marketing methodology focuses on tools such as Youtube in order to allow budding black entrepreneurs to create content that connects with clients and attracts leads. Video blogging - or “vlogging”, in particular - helps to generate organic traffic and establish credibility. According to HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands.

Though Miles’ business endeavors started in the real estate space, he has grown an empire that includes startups, partnerships, and more - all through his mastery of the video platform where he creates innovative content marketing.

“Black billionaire isn’t an oxymoron, it’s a strategy… and we have unique experiences and perspectives that give us a distinct advantage in developing solutions to shape our future.” adds Miles.

By taking advantage of the ease and affordability of marketing through social media, the barriers and challenges of being Black in business can fall away. Miles aims to guide those who are looking to understand the algorithms and the ins and outs of content marketing to success - and raise everyone around him up to his level.

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About Chastin J Miles

Chastin J. Miles is an entrepreneur, author, and real estate agent with a proven track record of helping others get into the best position to succeed. His 'life coach' style has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals in life. He's also been featured on Forbes, Essence, NBC, Fox News and The New York Times for his work as a multifaceted entrepreneur.

He believes that with the right guidance and support, anyone can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. He has dedicated his career to providing the tools and resources necessary for individuals to not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them. Whether through coaching, training, or simply lending a helping hand, Miles is committed to empowering others to reach their full potential.


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