Snorkel Mart Is Offering A Range of Snorkeling Gear For Sale Online

Snorkel Mart, an online store offering a range of gear for snorkeling hobbyists and experts, is encouraging those with an interest in the adventure sport to check out the numerous high-quality products that are currently on sale on its online store.

The store sells snorkeling sets comprised of masks, snorkels, and fins, in a variety of combinations. They also offer snorkel masks as well as snorkeling clothing individually for those who already have parts of the complete gear and need to finish their own set. The store’s range of kid’s snorkel gear is also a great way for parents to get their children interested in the hobby.

The company’s storefront allows buyers to customize their orders by picking options, in case of a snorkeling mask, such as the material and color of the frame, the presence of a purge valve, the right (OD) and left (OS) lens prescriptions, option to have a protective mask box, option to add a Neoprene strap wrapper, and finally whether the customer needs a gear bag to go along with their purchase.

The store also sells prescription snorkeling masks that are designed to offer optical correction for snorkelers who need their help to see better underwater. The prescription snorkeling masks allow those with prescriptions for eyeglasses to enjoy the hobby without the hassle of having to put on their glasses underneath when they go snorkeling. The store’s range of snorkeling masks is designed to appeal to several personal style preferences as well as varying face shapes.

The store also offers a unique proposition for those that need prescription snorkeling masks in the form of a lifetime lens replacement opportunity for every customer that purchases them. This offer is called the Lenses For Life program. Upon purchase of a prescription snorkeling mask, the customer qualifies to get replacement lenses for life at 50% off the normal retail price of the lenses. This move is an effort to get more people interested and excited about the hobby regardless of their optical health. The program is applicable to all new and existing Snorkel Mart customers. If a customer has purchased a mask 1.5 years ago, they can contact the company to find out if they are qualified for the deal.

The store aims to provide durable and functional gear that exceeds industry expectations at cost-effective prices. The company’s team has also partnered with snorkeling and diving enthusiasts and industry experts to create its own brand of snorkeling gear - Deep Blue Gear.

The company also offers a ton of helpful resources on its website. The website features a mask size guide that describes the skirt width, skirt height, front frame width, and front frame height for several snorkel mask models such as Maui/Spirit 2, Maui Jr., Playa, Spirit 2, Montego, and Super Vue 2. It also contains a guide for choosing the correct fin by describing the fin size, fin length, fin width, fin height, pocket length, pocket width, men’s shoe size, and women’s shoe size for different fin types such as Latitude 2 fins, Aquanaut II fins, current adult fins, and current kid’s fins. The company’s chart for men’s, women’s, and kid’s rashguards includes the rashguard size, typical t-shirt size, length, and chest size. Finally, the store also carries a chart that lets snorkelers choose between men’s, women’s, and kid’s aqua shoes by their size and their corresponding European size.

A spokesperson for Snorkel Mart talks about its services by saying, “Here at Snorkel-Mart, we want to provide our customers with the best snorkeling experience possible. The right gear at a great value will give you peace of mind so you can fully immerse yourself in the extraordinary experience of snorkeling.”

Readers can find out more about the company and view its entire catalog of products by heading over to its website at The company has amassed almost 2200 reviews from satisfied customers that praise its products and customer service. Readers can even get in touch with the company using a contact form on its website.


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