Snapped Up Dating Photography Company Shares Newest Reviews

Snapped Up, a Dating Photographer Company in London who specializes in profile photography for use primarily on dating apps and social profiles, is extremely pleased to share a some new reviews from their latest clients.

“Dave is a great photographer and really good at suggesting locations and poses. His relaxed style immediately puts you at ease. I am totally unphotogenic and he even managed to make me look good!!” commented Camini from London. Oli, another London resident client said “He’s also friendly and helpful, going the extra mile to make sure you get fantastic results. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Public photoshoots are being more common in London. Snapped Up offers a discreet setup and doesn’t involve a lot of lighting equipment, The business owner David said, “If you’re worried about running into someone you know then we’ll discuss a cover story, but it really isn’t anything to worry about, booking a shoot, we can also aim for quieter times of day.” He went on to say, “There’s an art to looking your best in dating profile pictures. It’s natural to feel a bit nervous before a shoot, but clients always relax once we’ve had a chat face-to-face. You need to feel comfortable, and so I won’t be asking you to do any awkward poses or anything that doesn’t feel natural to you.”

Snapped Up is quickly gaining a reputation for producing natural and professional images, taken by a photographer with over a decade of experience. Shot in tried and tested locations around London, using flattering natural light, Snapped Up photos show people at their best and enhance the quality of one's dating profile.

To find out more information about Snapped Up and availability of booking a photo shoot visit the website or call 07716 013158.


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