Smile Designs LLC Offers Invisalign Services For Adults and Teens

Wellington, Florida based Smile Designs LLC is pleased to announce that they are offering Invisalign for adults and teens. The clinic is run by Sergio Rauchwerger DMD, a MMSC Harvard Graduate Prosthodontist who has more than a decade of experience in the dental field and is dedicated to helping his patients maintain their dental hygiene and beautiful smiles.

Dr. Rauchwerger says, “If you are looking to get Invisalign services, look no further. At Smile Designs, our intention is to provide each and every person with the best possible Invisalign experience. Whether you are an adult or a teenager or anything in between, we can assure you that, with our help, you’ll have your smile become more beautiful.”

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that utilizes clear acrylic aligners that slip over the teeth and gently ease them into a new position. After a thorough teeth examination and accurate imaging by an Invisalign doctor, the information is sent to Invisalign technicians who will design a treatment program for each patient. Their program results in a series of 3D-printed aligners that the patient will wear, switching from one aligner to the next as their teeth straighten little by little.

As Smile Designs LLC explains, there are so many great aspects about this completely updated invisible braces method of correcting poor tooth alignment. For one, they can be easily removed, which means that, whether the occasion is a special event, a meal or just cleaning the individual’s teeth, it can be done without any hassle. In addition, they provide the same benefits of metal braces without any of the downsides.

However, the best feature of Invisalign is the fact that they are nearly invisible, which means that no one has to advertise their treatment plan to the whole world. For people wearing metal braces, even simply smiling for a photograph, may have been a daunting task due to the presence of the metal. With Invisalign, there is no such problem. Now, a person getting their teeth straightened thanks to digital advancements can smile all they want. The person can carry their tray in a simple case. All of this means that Invisalign for teens is a good choice for adolescents who want to straighten their teeth.

The services provided by Smile Designs LLC have allowed the clinic to earn a sterling reputation among the residents of Wellington and the surrounding areas, as evidenced by their 5 out of 5 star rating from nearly 150 reviews. In a recent review, Dr. Zahra W. says, “This doctor and his entire team are beyond excellent! I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the services, professionalism and environment. The doctor's bedside manor is calming, detailed and caring. I have lots of anxiety with dental procedures, and this office takes care of me in a way that is extremely appreciated. Add, I've had some extensive procedures with success. I've no worries being in their care. Highly recommended is an understatement. I tell everyone I can about Smile Designs.”

In another review, Kari S. writes, “What can I say but, wow! Every aspect of the practice is warm and inviting. Everyone is friendly but more to the point, excellent at what they do, starting at the top with Dr. Sergio, then all the hygienists and ending with the great front desk staff. We got here from our brother-in-law (retired dentist) and have never been disappointed. My 94-year-old mother is now a patient and very happy. A friend from California visiting his mom was able to get an emergency appointment. That’s also what’s great about the practice — they are accommodating! Finally, they make a practice of donating toothbrushes to the Reach Shelter in West Palm Beach. We have seen how important this is for a person’s health and self esteem. These are all reasons why Smile Design is the best!”

Learn more about Smiles Designs LLC, their history in the field and their wide-ranging services, including Invisalign treatment and more, at their website. Those interested may reach out to Sergio Rauchwerger or via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, social media users may follow Smiles Designs LLC on their preferred platforms in order to stay abreast of their latest activities, announcements and offers. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and more.


For more information about Smiles Designs LLC, contact the company here:

Smiles Designs LLC
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3975 Isles View Drive, Suite 202, Wellington, FL 33414