Smart Contracts Explained By Vince Wicker

BEES.Social recently published a video by Vince Wicker that aims to give viewers a simple introduction to smart contracts in the world of DeFi. The video serves as a beginners’ guide to smart contracts, how they work and what they are for along with how to make use of BEES. BEES.Social Crypto for Beginners is the world’s first decentralized autonomous organization whose sole focus is on empowering people with the education they need to take advantage of the crypto revolution.

A number of people are delving into the world of crypto, and with this increase comes the need for education regarding platforms like BEES. Named the number one crypto education system and the most powerful force in crypto, BEES.Social is a community that recognizes how useful effective communication, respect, transparency and sharing of information builds a strong community. As a group, BEES has invited friends and family to participate, and this has resulted in a great deal of growth. Knowing how to use such a platform is essential for anyone looking to make any sort of headway in the world of crypto.

“Understanding what constitutes a digital asset and how to profit from it, in a safe manner, is the foundation of the BEES,” says BEES. “Any social community with a lack of regulatory oversight creates the potential for scam artists. As a result, we are here to help you understand the benefits and the dangers of this new and decentralized ecosystem so you can make informed decisions. Again, we are not an investment club, an LLC, a charity or anything like that. We are a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. There's no physical location or address, there's no board of directors, no President, VP, CEO, nothing like that. Not a single institution or entity controls us. We are an autonomous and self-governing group of regular people.”

Equipping those who are interested in crypto with the knowledge needed to make use of platforms like BEESis the goal of Vince Wicker’s video and the countless other pieces of educational material hosted on the BEES.Social website. The fact that the platform is decentralized is one of its most important and highly emphasized facts, as decentralization affects how any given platform works. DeFi, or decentralized finance, refers to a blockchain-based form of finance that does not depend on banks to offer traditional financial instruments. Multiple technologies and protocols are required to achieve decentralization, including technologies like blockchain and proprietary software, and understanding all the technologies in use makes it possible to take advantage of decentralized finance.

Smart contracts are another field that BEES.Social would like to educate people on. Smart contracts will likely be what allows crypto to continue to exist long into the future. Cryptocurrency is a highly controversial topic, but the one thing that will likely make it possible to use crypto in the long term is the existence of smart contracts. Smart contracts have the ability to eliminate administrative expenses, and they make financial transactions transparent and reliable compared to traditional contracts.

BEES.Social has established itself as the most reliable platform of its kind, and this can be seen in the many 5-Star reviews the platform has received. One happy user named Rickster says that the maxim of, “Principles before Profits is just the tip of the iceberg of a community that is dedicated not only to supporting, educating, providing cutting edge ‘pre-market release’ information but helps to create a safe environment for every member regardless of what comfort level of investment one engages in.”

Another BEES social community member, Justin Breen, says about their experience, “When you play in the crypto space, you will hit bumps along the way. Every time I have run into a problem, someone from BEES.Social is always there to help me. The support, and knowing I am not the only one with these same issues, has become invaluable to me as I continue to grow and learn in the crypto market place.”

For more information on smart contracts, blockchain and the future viability of crypto, visit Tim Judge of BEES.Social can be reached for further details as well.


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