Small Energy Bill Offers Residential Solar Repair & Maintenance in CA

Small Energy Bill, a solar power company in California, is pleased to announce that they are offering residential solar repair and maintenance services around California to ensure optimal solar energy output. Solar panels are made of a complex system of electrical components that are typically exposed to the elements. Thus, dirt, moss, pollution, scaling, tree debris, and other things tend to accumulate on the solar panels, thus reducing the efficiency of the panels. The team of solar experts from Small Energy Bill will perform maintenance and repair services to ensure that the solar panels are up to optimum performance once again.

A spokesperson for Small Energy Bill says, “Despite being extremely durable, and typically lasting for many years, it is imperative to monitor your solar panels regularly and conduct little maintenance. This can be done by an experienced and qualified solar panel repair technician near you. One should always look for ways to increase revenue while at the same time reducing costs. So, to keep your solar system at peak efficiency, solar maintenance is vital to ensure maximum return on investments. This means that adequately maintained solar panels will last for decades.”

The company’s trusted and highly trained technicians will inspect and test every component of the solar panel system and provide a comprehensive report and analysis. This is helpful when moving into a new solar-powered home or when selling a home with solar power. They can provide valuable advice on whether to repair the old system or replace it with a new one.

If it is still possible to use the existing solar power system, the technicians from Small Energy Bill will clean the solar panels quickly and efficiently, using pressure washers with filtered water. They recommend having the solar panels cleaned three to four times a year. And for homeowners and other property owners who need to replace their old roofs, it may be necessary to uninstall the solar power system. The Small Energy Bill team can provide the necessary assistance in removing the solar panel system, replacing it with a new one, or installing new solar panels.

The team of solar panel experts from Small Energy Bill can also inspect the main interconnection breaker and inverter. The circuit breakers protect the system by preventing excessive electric power to flow through the system and causing a short circuit. It is vital to prevent such as situation because it could result in an electrical fire. Meanwhile, the inverter is the one that converts the DC power into AC power, which is what is needed in the home. This means that without the inverter, there is no way to use the electric power generated by the solar power system.

And for safety, the team of experts from Small Energy Bill can check if the solar panel installation is in compliance with the fire code and building code. These regulations prevent the use of setups that are unsafe and could cause a fire. Checking on this is important when moving into a new home with an existing solar power system. Some unscrupulous installers may install the solar panel system without following the safety code and this could put the home and the family at risk.

Aside from residential solar power systems, the team of technicians, engineers, and designers from Small Energy Bill can also provide commercial solar panel installation in California. For commercial installations, clients may not be worried about the aesthetics of the solar panel installation unless they want to call people’s attention to the installation. Perhaps the business wants to send the message to people that they are focused on having an eco-friendly operation. The location of the solar panels are of vital importance in such a situation and the client may consider having a mini solar farm that ensures that people get to see the installation. However, the building code and physical restrictions may impose some limitations on such a configuration.

When in need of commercial or residential solar repair & maintenance in CA, people can check out the Small Energy Bill website or contact them on the phone.


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