Small Charcuterie Boards Now Available From Roots To Table

Cedar Creek, TX based Roots To Table is inviting their customers to try the company’s small charcuterie boards. Boasting virtually all the most popular features of its larger cousin, the small charcuterie board from Roots To Table is designed to be highly functional while remaining compact enough to be stored and used with ease.

According to Roots To Table, the popularity of their standard charcuterie board meant that there were some niche cases where it did not completely meet a customer’s expectations. For instance, many shared that they had much smaller gatherings or simply preferred to enjoy a meat and cheese board by themselves, making the regular-sized board somewhat wasteful and obtrusive since it indirectly encouraged users to fill up every inch of its generous space.

The company knew, however, that it was necessary to preserve the strengths of the board when creating its smaller cousin, so anyone who was familiar with the standard size would not be caught off-guard by a reduction in functionality. For instance, the board is still crafted from sustainably grown, stain and odor resistant bamboo, a beautiful and unmistakable wood that is hard and tough enough to withstand the dents, nicks, bruises and cuts of weekly or even daily use.

On the other hand, the board also features a hidden compartment that neatly slides out of its side when required, revealing a set of stainless steel utensils that the owner and their guests may use as they see fit. Naturally, these utensils are crafted from the finest materials as well, which is to say that they are made of bamboo and stainless steel. Roots To Table creates household and kitchen items that are meant to last, and their small charcuterie board is no different.

The hidden compartment and the board’s overall size will make it easier for users to store it away when not needed. Large boards, while great for parties or gatherings, have a habit of taking up more storage space than is welcome. Many customers simply take this as a necessary compromise, but it is less of an issue with a smaller board. As Roots To Table points out, when their small charcuterie board is in use, it can represent the focal point of the room, but its size also means it can easily be placed out of sight and out of mind when not needed (instead of cluttering up counter space).

An Amazon customer says, “I am so happy I got this! I'm terrible at keeping track of my small knives. They are super cute with my cheese board, and this was a life saver! The material is professional quality (super easy to clean), and the knives that come with it cut through the harder cheeses! This is the perfect size for date night as well! Half the time I get a charcuterie board, I want to fill it to the brim, when it's just the hubby and I at home for a movie night and end up throwing away half of it — but not this one! 10/10 recommend!”

In another review, a customer shares an appreciation for the board’s smart design and how it protects both its aesthetic appeal and functionality with careful choices. “This board is so beautiful!” they remark. “The logo is burnt in the bamboo for a very classy look. The tools are stored inside so you can't lose them or scratch them up. The packaging is stylish, and it arrived in 1 day. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to use my new board. I highly recommend this product!”

Anyone interested in purchasing the company’s sleek, compact charcuterie board can find it on A full list of the board’s features can be found here, along with numerous reviews from satisfied customers who had the opportunity to try it out for themselves. Roots To Table’s representatives can also be reached directly in the event a customer wishes to follow up on any further inquiries or learn more about the company’s full range of products.


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