Skygold Financial Group Founder Andrej Kandus to Present at the 2021 Single Family Office Summit

Skygold Financial Group, a company based in Point Richmond, CA, is proud to announce that Andrej Kandus, the company’s founder and principal, will be presenting at the 9th Annual Single Family Office Summit to be held on February 26, 2021, from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm EST. His presentation will be titled, “The Trojan Horse that Undermines Deal Flow and Erodes Family Wealth 67%.” This summit provides attendees the opportunity to connect with leading single-family offices, top institutional investment firms and more than 150 attendees, such as family office executives, private equity deal-makers, institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, investment fund managers, and different kinds of family office industry participants.

A family office is a private wealth management advisory firm that caters to ultra-high-net-worth investors. In addition to financial services, they also offer planning, concierge, charitable giving advice, and other comprehensive services. Basically, they provide a complete financial solution to high net worth individuals but they can also take care of non-financial matters, such as travel arrangements, private schooling, and various miscellaneous household arrangements. Meanwhile, a single family office is focused on running the management of a substantial family fortune. Thus, they have staff who are capable of managing investments, philanthropic activities, trusts, taxes, and legal issues.

Attendees of the annual single family office summit can expect a number of benefits. First, attendees may be able to build their single family office relationship network, and learn how to partner with other investment managers and wealthy families. Second, they can gain insights from several $1 billion+ family offices and various single family offices on how they practice portfolio management, risk management, and how they source deals for co-investments and buy operating businesses. Third, attendees will be able to learn directly from single family offices rather than fund managers, consultants, and lawyers.

Andrej Kandus from Skygold is honored to be presenting at the Family Office Club event which has previously featured keynote presenter and Shark Tank alumni Kevin Harrington, an original "Shark" on the hit TV show, creator of the infomercial and pioneer of the As Seen On TV brand. Attendees at the summit will be offered an exclusive free report and offer that can be obtained at

Skygold Financial Group specializes in unconventional methods for growing and protecting wealth without market risk. These strategies have been shown to protect both assets and income. A key approach that they use is infinite banking, which can help clients with regards to cash flow management, asset maximization, debt elimination, creating lifetime streams of tax-free income, and uncovering hidden assets.

While risk is often regarded as something that is to be avoided, they believe that people should take as much risk as needed in order to grow their wealth. This is because when a person has the appropriate team of advisors, risk can be mitigated and may even be avoided without the need to forego on returns.

The services provided by Skygold Financial Group include asset protection, tax planning, financial planning, estate planning, and premium finance. The asset protection that they provide can either be done domestically or offshore. The tax planning that they offer is one of a kind in that they tackle several different topics to ensure that they are proactive and not simply reactive. They make use of various tax planning tools, such as: correct corporate structure, FLPs, “freeze” partnerships, captive insurance companies, distribution perfecta (a tax-free wealth building tool), Roth IRA and 401(k) plans, retirement perfecta, equity harvesting, cash balance plans, Section 79 plans, and more. Meanwhile, estate planning has several components: life insurance, long-term care insurance, life settlements, and charitable planning.

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