Sky High Media Launches Software Development Division to Revolutionize Digital Marketing with AI and Web3 Applications

Calgary, Canada - Sky High Media, a digital marketing company, has announced its plans to develop several AI applications with its new software development division.

This exciting new direction represents a major shift in the company's focus as it aims to bring the latest technological innovations to businesses and consumers.

At the heart of these plans is a commitment to using the latest web3 technology to create applications that allow users to enjoy the benefits of powerful tools without being bogged down by spam and advertising.

The company is determined to deliver products that will help users make the most of the digital world and explore its many possibilities.

One of the key applications that Sky High Media is developing is a SEO tool that will help businesses to manage and create high-quality content at scale.This tool will allow companies to quickly and easily produce and distribute high-quality content that will attract and retain customers and help boost their online visibility and credibility.

"The integration of AI technology enables us to offer a higher level of efficiency, thus reducing costs for our valued clients while simultaneously enhancing results. This marks a paradigm shift in the industry," said Founder and Technical Director Stephen Iervella.

Another exciting application that the company is developing is an e-learning course-building application that will be significantly more affordable than traditional products and services on the market.

This will allow businesses and individuals alike to create, publish, and sell their own courses, and to reach new audiences around the world.

"We're working on some innovative and exciting new tools, such as an AI chef assistant and an AI auto mechanic, that will allow users to ask anything about their car and get an answer in real-time. These tools will help make everyday life easier, more convenient, and more productive, allowing users to stay connected and informed at all times," continued Iervella.

The company is also committed to helping businesses and consumers make the most of these new tools and ensure they are using them effectively.

To this end, Sky High Media is creating an AI tool academy that will lower the barrier of entry for customers and provide them with the training and resources they need to deploy and get the most out of these cutting-edge tools.

This is a particularly exciting time for Sky High Media, and for the digital marketing industry as a whole. With the company's commitment to using the latest web3 technology and its focus on delivering innovative and powerful applications, it is poised to lead the way in the coming years.

As the company's Founder said in a recent statement: "We've been tracking this paradigm shift for years, and this year, we'll see this type of technology take off. Get on board or get left behind."

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