Single Family Luxury Homes For Sale In Iowa

Bettendorf, IA based Youssi Custom Homes Of Iowa is inviting their community to consider moving to The Condos at Forest Grove Crossing. Due to their convenient location, excellent craftsmanship, and family-first design, these luxury homes stand ready to serve as the backdrop for many beautiful memories for decades to come. Learn more about the company, their work ethic, and why everyone should know about The Condos at Forest Grove Crossing at the following link: Luxury Condos Bettendorf.

As every family knows, anyone searching for a new home has to begin by narrowing down a list of possible locations. No matter the quality of the structure in question, a home that is not built to take advantage of its area’s best resources will likely offer the family in residence more challenges than opportunities, especially if the household has young children who are about to experience their most formative years.

New ranch style villas for sale.

Fortunately, Youssi Custom Homes Of Iowa has long understood how crucial this decision is, and this understanding led them to found The Condos at Forest Grove Crossing in the Pleasant Valley School District. As a result, those who take up the company’s offer to move here will be pleased to know that their children will grow up in an area that was recently voted the best school district in the state (according to MSN).

Youssi Custom Homes Of Iowa has been in the industry for more than 30 years, and this experience is evident in every action they take. In addition to choosing the best possible site for a family who wants to settle down, the company utilizes nothing less than the best materials, contractors and more in the construction of the homes themselves. Learn more here: Pleasant Valley Iowa Homes.

Those interested may choose between a selection of villas and condos, each with their own unique design philosophy and features. For instance, the villas have Quaker style cabinets and a Cambria A-Quartz countertop in addition to a 90+ energy efficient furnace. The basements will be sold in their present unfinished condition but homeowners can indicate whether they would prefer to have a finished basement while making their purchase. On the other hand, the condos have high efficiency gas fireplaces and rounded bullnose corners on all walls (to begin with).

Notably, both the villas and condos come with garages, 9’ ceilings and luxury vinyl plank flooring. Their kitchens also come pre-installed with stainless steel appliances from GE Appliances (one of the best brands in the business). They each also boast a Craftsman style exterior, though some cosmetic differences are immediately evident at a glance.

Feedback from those who have benefitted from the company’s previous projects helps explain why their services and craftsmanship are in such high demand. For instance, a top-rated Google review from Jake D. touches on the company’s approach to customer service, especially how effective they are at minimizing how much stress a buyer has to deal with during the purchasing process.

The review says, “When working with Youssi Custom Homes, you can expect nothing less than honesty, integrity and craftsmanship. My family and I worked with Shane, and he made the entire process extremely easy. Shane was very knowledgeable on the products they offered; additionally showed great knowledge on the operations side. He was very transparent throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with Shane. Thank you.”

Sue P. shares similar comments in their review, explaining how their condo delivered on every aspect they wanted. Every customer that engages with Youssi Custom Homes Of Iowa is able to experience firsthand how committed they are to perfecting every detail, and this was no less true for this proud new homeowner. Their 5-Star review says, “We totally love our new condo! It is fabulous and just what we dreamed it would be! Shane was great to work with, and communication was and is top notch! The neighborhood is beautiful and so welcoming! Easy peasy choices and closing! Everything is just perfect, cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, fireplace, just everything! We couldn't be happier! Thank you, Shane and Youssi Homes!”

An extensive photo gallery of the new homes for sale can be found on the company’s official website. Alternatively, customers have the option of undertaking a video tour of The Condos at Forest Grove Crossing at their convenience. In the event they have any further questions or wish to schedule an in-person visit, customers are welcome to contact Shane Youssi of Youssi Custom Homes Of Iowa.


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