Singapore Tech Company Introduces Innovative Lead Generation New Prospects and Online Marketing Methods

Simplee Tech Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company that specializes in maximizing its clients’ online visibility, is always looking for new and more innovative ways to serve its clients better. Evidence of this can be seen in the new methods they have developed to help its clients in the areas of lead generation, gaining new prospects, and online marketing. These are key areas of a website that this reputable lead generation service continually looks to improve even though they have already had great success with them over the years.

A representative of Simplee Tech, Lawrence Seah, says, “The world of advertising has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Nowadays, a company that does not have a website that is created in a way that will significantly increase their web presence, will be at a huge disadvantage to their competition. This is where our reputable lead generation, prospect finding, and online marketing help come into play. We stay up to date on the latest methods that are being used to maximize online visibility and then we add our own creative twist to them. The results we have achieved with this approach speak for themselves.”

Lawrence went on to say that the methods they have created to help a client with their online presence work with all-size businesses. This includes sole proprietors to very large corporations. Some of the reputable businesses whose web presence they have strengthened include Brenda Strong, Studio Twenty, Amie Blue Handcrafted Goods, the Smith Real Estate Group, and more. He added that their services also cater to a wide variety of niches. This includes service industries such as plumbing and healthcare to big corporations that specialize in accounting or real estate. They have the experience and expertise that it takes to boost a client’s website traffic. The company representative says that it all starts with them helping a new business grow by taking steps that will allow them to find solid leads and prospects. The company has not let success go to its head either as they always offer very competitive pricing. He claims that their innovative methods although they are cheaper, have more of an impact on their clients’ businesses than other modes of online marketing such as tech companies that focus solely on SEO or advertisements. It also helps that Simplee tech is extremely focused on what they do and prides themselves on being a results-oriented service provider.

The company representative added that they also take pride in being a company that works closely with their clients and will work closely with them to help them achieve the goals they have established regarding their web presence. Their formula for accomplishing this is straightforward and effective. Their planning process starts with interacting with the client to learn more about what that client or the company they represent aspires to be. They will also do extensive research on the client or company they are trying to help, the businesses that they directly compete against, and find out the current trends of the industries that the client operates in. Once this is done, they will then look for ways to optimize their client’s online presence. He stated that this includes taking concrete steps to increase the organic traffic that is so vital to a client’s success. Often this alone gets the client the results that they desire from their website but if that is not the case, they will analyze a client’s website traffic and come up with ways to further optimize it.

At the current time, Simplee Tech offers three affordable plans which their clients can choose from. That includes their lowest-priced starter plan which is designed to increase website traffic by 50% and organic traffic by 75%. Seah added that other plans they offer are designed to increase website traffic by 70% and organic traffic by 85% or increase website and organic traffic by 99%. Those that want more information on the company’s online visibility increasing services can fill out and send in the form that’s found on the bottom of Simplee Tech’s homepage.


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