Simpsons Advice on Furniture Shipping To Australia

Dartford, England -

UK-based Simpsons International Removals Ltd strongly recommends an export packing service for furniture shipping to Australia. Whilst most may believe that furniture is not so fragile as to require a specialised packing service, the company says that the rigours of transport can put an undue strain even on otherwise stable pieces. As such, it is in the furniture owner’s best interests to ensure it receives professional care.

Simpsons International Removals understands that it can be difficult for people to find a service that meets their needs, particularly if their move date is approaching fast and they have only just learned of the need to hire a team of professionals. Fortunately, the company is able to provide assistance in this regard, and they encourage all interested parties to learn more about the relevant services by getting in touch with a representative. Conversely, they may also refer to the company’s web page on the subject.

furniture shipping to australia

The company explains that the team at Simpsons has many years of experience working with customers to ensure their furniture will arrive safe and sound at its final destination. The company also understands that people are looking for a cost-effective solution, and provides this without impacting the quality of the service. All kinds of household goods can be packed up and shipped with the team’s help, and they know how to ensure items arrive in perfect condition.

“Moving can be an incredible hassle for you,” acknowledges John Lee, General Manager at Simpsons International Removals, “We understand and share your concerns, which is why we are always willing to step up and help you through the process. We routinely help customers who are looking to ship beds, wardrobes, tables, mirrors or other types of furniture, and we know how to work with fragile items as well. Each item needs to be assessed to ensure it is packaged properly, and we are so accustomed to doing this that you can rest assured your furniture will be taken care of both quickly and correctly.”

Customers receive support throughout the process from a dedicated move manager. This move manager will answer any questions and assist with customs clearance and documentation. Furniture can be shipped to any destination in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Simpsons International Removals, in fact, offers a variety of services that are expressly designed to meet a customer’s every need. Their household removals include door-to-door furniture shipping (both pick-up and delivery), export-quality wrapping and packaging and more. The company further offers either a full shipping container load or part load service, depending on the customer’s needs, and they only utilise accredited international shipping lines.

Simpsons International Removals encourages customers to request a free online quote through the company’s official website. Notably, the company encourages customers to contact their representatives to book a home survey or video survey for a more accurate furniture shipping quote.

Further details regarding the full scope of the company’s furniture shipping services can be found on the official Simpsons International Removals website. Customers are similarly welcome to reach out via phone or email to follow up on any inquiries.


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