Simply Green Plumbing Is Espousing The Benefits Of Trenchless Sewers

Los Gatos plumbing company Simply Green Plumbing, Sewer & Rooter is educating homeowners on the benefits of trenchless plumbing. Readers can find out more about what the company has to say about the topic by heading over to an article on its website at

Trenchless sewer plumbing is a way to solve sewer and water line problems without the need for physically exhuming the pipe. There is no need to use costly digging machinery and the method causes no damage to the existing landscaping. The term “trenchless plumbing”, is an umbrella term for many techniques that are similar in how the repair is implemented. The term can be used to refer to techniques such as structural pipe-lining or Cured-In-Place pipe-lining, lateral lining, lateral reinstatement, manhole to manhole lining, sectional point repair, pipe bursting, spray lining & brush coating, slip lining, directional boring, and waterline replacement.

At its core, trenchless sewer lining involves creating a new pipe inside an existing host pipe. Structural pipe-lining is performed by using an epoxy resin and an absorbent tube made out of felt, fiberglass, or any other elastic material. The epoxy-impregnated liner is inserted into the damaged pipe and is inflated. After the resin cures, it creates a brand new pipe within the bounds of the existing pipe. The method was first invented in Europe and was subsequently adopted all over the world as it makes the entire pipe-replacement process simple and fast.

In spray lining & brush coating, the inner surface of the host pipe is coated with an epoxy, flexible polymer, or other resins, achieving almost the same results. Pipe bursting involves inserting an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) replacement pipe (the same size or larger) into the old pipe via a winch. Slip lining involves pulling a smaller diameter pipe (usually an HDPE) into an existing pipe and then filling the space between them with grout.

There are a few drawbacks to trenchless sewer plumbing. Once the new pipe material has cured, the existing host pipe cannot be collapsed or back pitched. The diameter of the newer sewer pipe is also a hair smaller than the host pipe. Also, not all trenchless plumbing methods work on all kinds of pipes. The curing of the pipe also requires some downtime. The process can be sped up using UV light or steam to make the piping material cure faster.

The advantages of trenchless sewer plumbing, however, greatly outweigh the minimal downsides. First of all, the type of piping that replaces the damaged ones is seamless, permanent, and meets all industry standards. The homeowner doesn’t have to worry about water, tree roots, or other factors damaging them. The pipes are basically impenetrable against future intrusions and have high structural integrity.

Since trenchless repairs don’t require digging up the old pipes and replacing them manually, there is absolutely no digging and yard work involved. The homeowner can go back to their normal life after the nominal downtime that it takes for the pipes to cure, which takes less than a day in most cases.

The trenchless method is also more versatile and it allows technicians to solve problems that otherwise would have required extensive investigation involving days of manual inspection and trial and error. It ends up saving the homeowner both time and money as there is no disruption and the plumber always has the tools to properly and efficiently remediate the problem with a solution that stands the test of time.

Simply Green Plumbing, Sewer & Rooter has been providing its services to Los Gatos and nearby areas since 1988. The company has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and can work to provide a solution to any residential or commercial plumbing problem with 100% customer satisfaction.

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