Simple Video Ad Framework the Key to Rapid Brand Growth, Company Says

350 million posts are made daily on Facebook, and this formula may be the key to cutting through the noise and doubling sales - fast.

Every day, 350 million posts are made on Facebook. That's a mind-boggling 4,000 per second. In this monumental content hailstorm, e-commerce brands are tasked with the tall order of not only grabbing attention, but driving sales through Facebook advertising. And a new formula has come to the surface which may change the way people interact with advertising on their news feed forever.

"When you break it down to brass tacks, it's all about attention. Today's consumer is in a car filled with people, all shouting at each other, with the windows down, flying down the highway at 150 kilometres per hour, and with AC DC blaring from the stereo. There's so much noise, and so much vying for their attention," said Austin Lovell [feature image], founder and Head of Growth of video advertising agency T-Minus.

"The trouble is, brands are trying to cut through the noise with a blunt butter knife. Truth is, it requires a samurai sword. A way of slicing through and reaching the target customer when they could be looking at 350 million other things (literally)."

"And that's where the video formula come in," said Lovell. "It's a proven 5-step framework for creating video ads that turn $1 into $3, $5 or even $10+ every single time, regardless of the niche, or target market. It literally floods brands with a torrential downpour of sales. We wanted to release it so that all D2C brands, regardless of their size or track record could increase their sales fast."

T-Minus works with D2C e-commerce brands from around the world, and offers just one service: video ad production for Facebook advertising. The video ad framework involves grabbing attention, building intrigue, showing massic amounts of social proof, giving customers a compelling reason to buy right now, and showing them how to do that.

"For us, creating video ads is about moving the growth needle. It's not about vanity metrics. It's about creating ads that battle on the front line in the Facebook news feed, and emerge victorious every single time. We've created video ads for brands in 62 different niches, selling in every country in the world."

"For the brands and advertising teams who embrace the new way of direct-response video advertising on Facebook, there is absolutely no ceiling to growth. And the funny thing is, it doesn't require as much time or resources as most may think," Lovell added. "It's just about putting yourself in the customer's shoes and asking 'Is this something I'd watch'."

T-Minus' impressive client list spans a wide variety of industries, and includes the likes of LARQ, Paperlike, ThinOptics, The Beard Club, Bang & Olufsen, Larson Jewelers, and Eyetamins among many others.


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