Sight of Beauty Offers Botox Treatments on Long Island

Sight of Beauty, a med spa based in Plainview, NY, has announced that they offer Botox treatment, which is the most popular cosmetic procedure for reversing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines on the brow, forehead, and around the eyes. As long as this treatment is provided by a skilled injectionist, the results can be expected to be dramatic and preserve the facial expression for a more natural look. People can reclaim their confidence with a younger and more energized look.

There are a number of factors that make Botox treatment at Sight of Beauty appealing for many people. These include: its reputation as the number one cosmetic treatment in the world; ability to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles; ability to reverse the signs of aging; ability to reinvigorate a person’s appearance; safe and cleared by the FDA; proven in 400+ clinical studies; natural-looking results; no surgery nor downtime; and the fact that the injections are given by a skilled provider.

Sight of Beauty Botox results

Dr. Samuel Baharestani, a cosmetic surgeon at Sight of Beauty, explains, “Botox smooths out the expression lines or the dynamic wrinkles in the skin by relaxing the muscle underneath. Botox and similar products such as Xeomin and Dysport are neuromodulators formulated from the botulinum toxin. When injected into the muscle, Botox temporarily blocks the signals that command the muscle to contract. By relaxing the muscle, the tissue lengthens and smooths out. This allows the overlying skin to smooth out as well. The result is a dramatic reversal of creases and wrinkles on our forehead, brow, and around our eyes. Check out our Facebook page to see actual results of our treatments.”

It should be noted that Botox treatment will not permanently eliminate wrinkles. While it is a highly effective solution, it is temporary and the results will last usually between 3 to 6 months. It is also vital to choose a reputable provider because this may have a significant impact on the results. At the Sight of Beauty med spa, the cosmetic injections are performed by highly experienced and highly trained medical professionals.

Aside from Botox, the Sight of Beauty med spa also provides other treatments. These include dermal fillers, chemical peels and facials, eyelash and eyebrow care, skin care, laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, treatments of age and sun spots, ultherapy, and more.

Dermal fillers are needed to add volume to the face to counteract the effects of the skin losing its plump and young appearance because of decreased production of collagen due to aging. Dermal fillers may be used to significantly make the face appear younger without surgery or downtime. They make use of a volumizing compound, such as hyaluronic acid. Fillers have been observed to be particularly effective in reversing the signs of aging in the lower part of the face, such as the nose, lips, and chin area.

Chemical peels make use of a biologically active solution that is applied to the facial skin to help counteract sun damage, acne blemishes, freckles, age spots, uneven pigmentation, and rough skin. When these are combined with facials, the result is uniform exfoliation to expose glowing and vibrant skin.

Sight of Beauty med spa also offers laser hair removal for a safe, reliable, and permanent hair reduction treatment. The laser disables the follicles, which are responsible for the growth of hair. This treatment may be used for unwanted facial hair on the eyebrows, sideburns, and on the upper lip; unwanted body hair on the back, legs, arms, and chest; and body hair in sensitive areas, including the armpits, bikini area, and toes.

Those who are interested in Botox and other treatments at the med spa may want to check out the website of Sight of Beauty, or contact them on the phone or through email. Or they can visit their Google Maps listing to find out their exact location and other important information. They are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday.


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