Sight Of Beauty Now Providing Cool Sculpting For Stomach Fat Reduction

The Plainview, New York-based Sight of Beauty medical spa is pleased to announce that they are providing CoolSculpting treatments for those who are looking to get rid of stubborn fat. The clinic operates with the mission to provide Long Island residents with advanced aesthetic and non-invasive services alongside the best attention to customer service.

Dr. Samuel Baharestani, one of the doctors at Sight of Beauty, says “Gaining a little weight is very easy but, unfortunately, getting rid of it is a long and involved procedure. Considering the past few months, given the lockdown, quarantines and so on, you might have put on a little weight that you are trying to get rid of — and experiencing frustration at that last bit of stubborn fat that just won’t go away. If you are dealing with such issues, CoolSculpting is the best way to deal with them.”

Sight of Beauty CoolSculpting Stomach

CoolSculpting is the brand name for cryolipolysis, a fat loss treatment that works by freezing the stubborn fat cells in specific parts of the body. It was developed by scientists who studied what happened to body fat during frostbite. Since fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin, cryolipolysis works by cooling fat to a temperature that destroys it while leaving skin and other body tissues unharmed. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2010, cryolipolysis has been used as a non-invasive method to get rid of body fat ever since.

At Sight of Beauty, Dr. Baharestani and his team are constantly hard at work helping their patients in their journey to become the best version of themselves. The medical spa states that it is their purpose to help their patients look, feel and breathe better. Sight of Beauty’s aesthetics team is proud to provide their clients with state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical options to help them look and feel their best.

Those who want to undergo CoolSculpting procedures with Sight of Beauty can reach out to the spa to book an initial consultation with one of their highly skilled aesthetic professionals. During this consultation, the professional will advise patients on procedure and what they may expect. Since Sight of Beauty does not believe in one-size-fits-all treatments, all procedures — be they CoolSculpting or anything else — will be uniquely tailored to each patient’s aesthetic needs.

In addition to CoolSculpting, Sight of Beauty provides a number of other cosmetic services, such as dermal fillers, wrinkle reductions, KYBELLA, botox, chemical peels and facials, eyelash and eyebrow care, laser hair removal and more. The full list of services provided by Sight of Beauty can be found on their website.

The services provided by Sight of Beauty have earned the medical spa a lot of praise from their patients. On their GMB listing, they have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 Stars. Lor Vaughn says in their review, “I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Nichols at Sight of Beauty. He and the young lady at the front were wonderful! She was friendly and welcoming, and Dr. Nichols was patient and took the time to understand what my needs were and confirm that we were on the same page. What a rare pleasure! Add to that, he has exceptional knowledge and skills! I highly recommend Dr. Nichols! I'm in healthcare also, so I'm picky.”

Meanwhile, Samantha Walsh says in her 5-Star review, “The place is absolutely gorgeous, the staff is not ‘uppity’ like you would usually find at high-end medi spas, and they were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had a Platinum Hydrafacial with Brianna, and it was above and beyond my expectations. She was very informative and gentle, and let me tell you my face is absolutely glowing! If you have a special occasion or want to treat yourself, I highly recommend seeing her!”

Learn more about Sight of Beauty, their history in the field and their range of services at their website. Those interested may reach out to Dr. Samuel Baharestani directly via email or phone follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, social media users may follow Sight of Beauty on their Facebook page and other preferred platforms in order to stay abreast of their latest activities, announcements and offers.


For more information about Sight of Beauty, contact the company here:

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