Shira Diamonds Provides Wholesale Diamonds In Dallas

Shira Diamonds, a Texas-based diamond supplier, would like to reach out to those who may be looking to buy diamonds at wholesale prices in and around Dallas. There are many wholesale dealers in Dallas but they all offer the same types and designs of wholesale diamonds. In Dallas, Shira Diamonds is among the most trusted dealers and offers a very wide selection at highly competitive rates. Learn more here: Wholesale Loose Diamonds In Dallas TX.

In order to get the best possible rates, it is important to compare different dealerships’ rates to find the best source for a particular diamond with the least markup possible. There is also the question of whether or not one is actually getting wholesale diamonds.

“Misconceptions on wholesale diamonds arose with the technical terminology for the word ‘wholesale,’” Shira Diamonds says. “The word wholesale specifically refers to selling tax-free goods that you bought in large quantities for resale. To prove that your purchase is an authentic wholesale diamond, the best strategy is to compare the quality and price of the diamond offered to you. Look for a price that is typically found at wholesale because the source is directly from the manufacturer without the multiple channels of distribution.”

Diamonds can be shaped into any kind of jewelry, like other precious stones. In Dallas, some of the most common pieces of jewelry include loose diamonds (which are diamonds that are ready for sale). These are the result of processing a rough diamond straight from a mine and can be bought for any of a wide range of reasons, including investment or to be attached to a piece of jewelry (like a ring, pendant, or earring). Custom engagement rings are another type of jewelry that is common in Dallas. These are made by allowing the buyer to choose the type of metal setting in which the diamond can be placed. Diamond rings, similar to engagement rings, feature a diamond set in a metal ring and are a great investment since the value of diamonds is always going up. Lastly, wholesale diamonds, one of the many types of diamonds supplied by Shira Diamonds, can be sold at wholesale price and are generally supplied to retail stores in bulk.

Dallas is home to a variety of attractions and among these is its diamond industry. Shira Diamonds says, “Just as Dallas is home to many wonders and beginnings, you can add exceptional value to your experiences in Dallas with wholesale diamonds. Beginning a romantic journey on its way to a blissful family and married life can be adorned with a stunning diamond engagement ring. With almost a hundred diamond stores in Dallas, you should be well-educated on buying wholesale diamonds so you don’t get ripped off and get confused with all the buzz and dazzle.”

Shira Diamonds works with only the most reputable diamond miners, DeBeers and Alrosa. All of their diamonds are conflict-free and come from only the most reliable sources. The diamond dealership has a variety of diamonds at the best prices and is the only true wholesaler open to the public. Shira Diamonds is an online wholesaler, which means all overhead costs that ordinary dealers might have to work into their prices are non-existent, and these savings make their way to their customers.

“Traditional retail stores’ overhead expenses can be greater than the wholesale cost of the diamond itself’ and these are extra expenses that consumers have to pay for but cannot wear out of the store,” the wholesale diamond dealer says. “The question is: do you really want to pay 50% to 100% more than our prices for the privilege of shopping in a lavishly decorated retail jewelry store. We keep overhead expenses extremely low and pass the savings on to you. Our prices are a fraction of discounted retail sales prices. We help you hold on to your hard-earned money and still get a big beautiful diamond engagement ring.”

The Dallas diamond dealer has been in the business for over 20 years and understands everything there is to know about the diamond industry. Those looking for wholesale engagement rings or quality, conflict-free wholesale diamonds in Dallas are advised to contact Shira Diamonds today.


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