Shira Diamonds Claims Versatility Helps Them Remain One of the Leading Sellers of Wholesale Diamonds in Dallas

Shira Diamonds has been meeting and exceeding the wholesale diamond needs of those in the Dallas, Texas area for over 20-years now. This trusted name in diamond jewelry has been able to accomplish this by taking advantage of its connections with some of the most reputable diamond suppliers in the industry and by providing exceptional customer service. A representative of the company also gave credit to the versatility that they offer when it comes to their diamond products and the reasonable prices they charge. All of which has firmly established Shira Diamonds as a solid choice for those seeking wholesale diamonds in Dallas.

The company representative says, “There definitely is not just one defining factor that has led us to become one of the most reputable wholesale diamond sales leaders in Dallas and elsewhere throughout the metroplex. A lot has had to come together over the years to make this happen."

According to the company representative, their versatility starts with the many different types of diamond cuts that they have made available to their customers. That list includes wholesale round, princess, cushion, and Marquise diamonds. They have radiant, oval, heart, and emerald diamond shape offerings too. He also talked about how they have become one of the leading sources for those that are looking for distinctive Asscher diamonds in Dallas TX. A type of diamond that’s known for its unique cut that offers a stunning alternative to more traditional diamond choices. This diamond cut gets its name from and dates back to 1902 when it was created by the renowned diamond cutting expert Joseph Isaac Asscher. It was the finished product of him seeking out a diamond cut that combined perfect radiance and brilliance. The company representative went on to talk about what makes this diamond-cut so special. This includes something known as a ‘windmill’ that is done by using a cut pattern running from the corners on both the crown and pavilion. It’s also known for the distinct way that it remains symmetrical and balanced by not being shaped too thick or too thin. He added that the step facets in it have an adequate difference in angles between them that keeps them distinct because they are not allowed to merge into one another. Some have described it as resembling an outward square radiant shape since many of its cuts share an octagonal outline. This is something that provides this cut with a very distinct flavor from a light performance perspective. There are a total of 57 or 58 cuts in it altogether depending on whether an additional cut is placed in the culet. This diamond cut further evolved in the late 20th century when the Royal Asscher cut was first introduced. This diamond shaping contained a previously unheard of 74 facets accented by a raised crown. Something that soon made it a staple for diamond engagement rings and one that is still very popular among Shira Diamond clients today.

The company spokesperson mentioned other areas of their business that offer some types of versatility that some other area jewelers can’t. This includes allowing their customers to select from their large variety of diamond rings and other diamond jewelry that has been carefully created or letting them choose a loose diamond and then work with that client to help them create the perfect diamond gift for that special someone in their lives. He added that all of their diamond jewelry items are also investment quality and our Israeli certified before arriving at their store. More information on Shira’s versatile diamond offerings can be obtained by placing a call to them or by visiting their 18333 Preston Rd Suite 215 location that’s near the intersection of the President George Bush Turnpike and the Dallas North Tollway.


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