Shield My Deal Now Open to the Public

April 16, 2021. Los Angeles, California: Based in Santa Monica, CA, ShieldMyDeal™ is a group of real estate industry experts focused on helping home sellers and home buyers get a better real estate deal. The way the real estate environment is today, sellers and buyers need as much information and protection as possible to ensure they maximize their return on their investment or ROI.

Real estate expert Barry A. was quoted saying, “ShieldMyDeal™ offers a novel way of helping people through the real estate process. There are so many pitfalls in the process that anyone selling or buying real estate must have full protection or face possible losses that can amount to thousands of dollars.”

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He also said, “After all, an uninformed real estate buyer or seller will often end up making poor decisions.”

Any and all decisions made during the deal should be accompanied by the necessary data to maximize profits from the transaction. This is where Shield My Deal comes in. It is a real estate consulting platform designed to help sellers and buyers get a great agent and a better real estate deal. But what people must understand about the company is that it does not represent the buyer and seller simultaneously during the real estate deal. The company will represent the buyer or the seller but not both.

States company spokesperson B. Simms, “We have come up with a way that real estate buyers and sellers can help protect their deal. However, we want to be sure that either the sellers’ or the buyers’ interests are best represented. This is why our company will not represent both during a purchase or sale.” She continued, “If we are to protect the full interests of a person or company during the real estate deal, we must protect one or the other. Trying to protect both creates a conflict of interest where we often have to choose one over the other.” She went on to say, “We never want to be placed in a situation where we have to choose one over the other. It is unethical to tell the seller and the buyer during the deal that their interests are fully covered. Therefore, we represent either a buyer or a seller all the way from beginning to end.”

What users of the platform should know is that the ShieldMyDeal™ corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. In fact, the company is located in Santa Monica, but it serves and represents home buyers, home sellers, and real estate investors throughout the United States.

If home buyers or home sellers want to use the platform, they must first sign up on the platform before they hire a real estate agent. Anyone having already signed with a real estate agent cannot use the ShieldMyDeal™ platform or the protection it offers. The company will be involved from the beginning to the end of the real estate transaction, making sure that the user is protected.

What the company does is to review and suggest the best course of action to its clients based on industry expertise, data, and technology. Any transaction documents or situations can be included to help the client make better, more well-informed decisions, so the client or investor can get a better real estate deal. Simply fill out the form and a company representative will reach out for more information and to help through the process

ShieldMyDeal™ helps home sellers and buyers better understand their options when faced with decisions, so they get a better real estate deal.

To find out more about how ShieldMyDeal™ can protect, visit the website and the Google My Business listing.


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