Shelby County Bail Bonds Company Shares the Results of Proposition 25

Columbiana, Ala. - As state and federal lawmakers debate legislation to eliminate or reduce the use of cash bail, Shelby county bail bonds company, Alabama Bail Bonds, turns their attention to a recent piece of legislation. In the wake of the recent election, the voters of California chose to deny the installation of Proposition 25, officially recognized as California Proposition 25, Replace Cash Bail with Risk Assessments Referendum.

According to, Proposition 25 was on the ballot in California as a veto referendum. Proposition 25 was defeated, repealing the law. Voting “yes” on the matter upheld the contested legislation, Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), which would have replaced cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects awaiting trials. A “no” vote would have repealed SB 10, therefore keeping the use of cash bail for detained suspects in place.

In lieu of a cash bail, legislators aimed to make the release of detained suspects the discretion of the judge overseeing the case. Those detained on suspicion of a misdemeanor would have been automatically released within 12 hours without a cash bail. Defendants accused of more serious offenses such as domestic violence or repeated failures to appear in court, would not have been automatically released. The judge overseeing their case would then have assessed the accused for risk factors such as their potential for committing a new crime or failing to appear in court. If the judge finds the accused to be of low-to-moderate risk, they could be released with an ordered supervision by a member of the county probation staff.

Members of the bail industry have been on high alert as many around the country are pushing for bail reform, claiming the system creates greater hardships for the poor. Those opposed to bail reform argue that placing the power in the hand of a judge may lead to racial discrimination along with other downfalls. Either way, the stakes are high for the bail industry, as there are new regulations on the horizon that seek to appease both sides. 

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