Sharp Tack Media Writes Blog Post About Marketing To Millennials

Clackamas, Oregon based Digital Marketing Agency Sharp Tack Media says marketing to millennials requires a little bit more finesse than marketing to other age groups. The company has recently made the move towards providing small businesses insights towards reaching millennials who would be likely to use those businesses’ features and services.

The company stated that digital marketing focused towards millennials isn’t primarily about fancy graphics and confusing terms. Rather, it’s about catering to a new class of consumer and an entrepreneurial culture that millennials have carved out for themselves.

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The company went on to state that “Millennials are a very peculiar audience. They were born in a world that ushered in an entirely new business atmosphere through the advent of technology and the so-called “digital age.” In fact, businesses that aren’t attracting millennials are definitely missing out one one of the most important consumer markets out there,” says a representative from Sharp Tack Media. Of course, only some businesses can be hip & cool depending on their target demographic, but that doesn’t have to be necessarily the case with every business, further added the company.

“Here at Sharp Tack Media, we have adapted some of our own marketing practices to cater to this new target audience especially with our local Clackamas web design services that we’ve tailored specifically for millennials and their marketing needs,” says one representative from the company.

Furthermore, millennials want to know that a business is actively working for their attention and that they’re putting in the effort. An easy way of doing this is through social media and comment channels. Millennials like giving opinions on the content a business releases, so it’s a wise choice to include a comment form for users to let business owners know what they think of their content. Millennials love to feel like they are being listened to, so businesses might want to consider adding a few comment boxes on their websites. This way, business owners can get valuable insight on how to improve their online presence through their users' voices and suggestions. “It’s essentially free marketing advice that businesses can use to better their services,” says one of the company’s senior digital marketing experts.

The company understands that millennials care more about businesses that have a website and also a social media account. A business not having both of these might have its authority questioned. Nowadays, a website is like the equivalent to being listed in the yellow pages. For a website to really stand out and be appealing to millennials, a strong social media and general online presence is almost a must. In addition to having a website, businesses must have dedicated social media outlets which they use to provide meaningful and relevant content to their users.

The company added that whilst a website is more of a formal channel for digital marketing, a social media page allows businesses to connect with their target audience, which in this case are millennials. Millennials value that type of business-consumer relation and expect out of today's businesses that truly care about their customers.

The company also acknowledges that millennials are living under more different and nuanced social conditions than ever before. Aside from the economics, millennials also care more about their ethics as a consumer. Thus, they have more support for local businesses within their areas that show outstanding customer support, which is a bonus for those who treat their customers fairly.

The company emphasized that for businesses in the food industry, millennials are more likely to purchase products with labels such as "organic,” "home-grown,” and "local produce." In short, millennials want to feel that they are contributing to their society through their responsible consumerism rather than promoting harmful business practices. The company goes into more details about additional considerations about marketing to millennials on the company’s blog here


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