Sharp Tack Media Teaches Businesses How To Take Better Product Pictures

Sharp Tack Media, a digital marketing agency out of Clackamas, recently put out several blog posts that help small businesses, such as startup online shops, reach a wider audience through smart marketing practices. The company sensed that a large number of small businesses all across Portland have been struggling with reaching their target audiences with their current marketing strategies According to the company, “The quality of product pictures should never be overlooked. Pictures are one of the few visual aids for customers to rely on. Of course, there are also video product reviews, but that’s a subject for another time. However, if users compare product pictures to videos, pictures are undeniably more convenient in terms of accessibility and viewing experience.” Beyond the ability to retain users, the company also emphasizes the importance of good products images towards increasing the site’s capacity to rank well on search engines.

Additionally, if a small business who plans to launch products on their own site, or are planning to sell them to another platform like Amazon or eBay, then the most important thing a business can do is to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Cody Wise, senior content manager to the site, had this to say regarding this, “It’s important to stress that the term “good” is a relative term that differs across photography instruments and product types. Some products look absolutely fantastic with just a 50mm lens, but for products that have small and fine details, then a 105mm telescopic lens that can zoom in close is the preferred choice. Since most product shoots involve just taking a photo of a static object under a controlled environment, businesses obviously don’t need to blow an enormous budget on camera equipment.”

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The site also emphasizes the importance of a few key ingredients that are arguably more important than the actual camera equipment itself. As an e-commerce merchant, the ability to take fantastic product images is second to none. Here are some key aspects to product image photography that the company cites: lighting, background and orientation. “Optimal lighting and exposure for a product is when the product is properly illuminated but not overexposed to the point where the product loses all of its detail. The company reminds business owners and e-commerce merchants to invest in a good quality diffuser that scatters light evenly,” says a representative from the site's content team.

Stemming from the recommendations above, a product’s background can greatly affect how it’s perceived on a page. “Traditionally, white is the preferred choice as a product’s background. It can be easily paired with any color of product—yes, even white products with the right lighting. However, if a more creative approach is desired, products can always be paired with natural scenery or more daring colors.

“How store owners orient and place their product relative to its background also is a skill on its own. Should they take a picture of their product sideways? At a slight angle? Bird’s view? Examine and study the product to find which angle permits it to exhibit all of its detail and complexity,” says the site’s lead graphic designer.

Finally, business owners need to think about the marketability of the products they’re showcasing in their site. Creative and innovative ways of presenting these items is always appreciated and will only serve to increase a site’s user retention time. Visual elements are one of, if not the most important component of a site other than the actual content itself, and product images are one of the easiest visual elements a business can produce. If one would like to read the blog post in its entirety go here:


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