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A digital marketing agency based in the heart of Portland, put out statements announcing their expertise on digital marketing for businesses in the Portland area. “At Sharp Tack Media, the development focuses on fully functional mobile-friendly websites that fit the vision of clients perfectly and set them up for success online. The rigorous web design process that we go through ensures quality every step of the way and we make sure we consult with our clients to make sure that every element of the site meets their needs. Creating modern and engaging web design projects is where this company really excels and we can come up with the perfect combination to produce brilliant designs that fit any brand, leads to more sales, garners better brand loyalty and best of all, nets clients a positive ROI.” This was a statement that came from a company representative when asked about how they were able to make such progress in a short amount of time.

“The company revels in the opportunity to create fully custom websites and applications. Whether a client needs a custom site, a custom app, or a custom standalone product, they always have the web development expertise to complete any project and lay the path to success. The company has over a decade of experience creating custom solutions and have tackled hundreds of projects that required extensive customization. The company can take any idea and draw up a concept, discuss any changes they need and get started creating a fully custom solution that fits any customer’s needs,” says a member of the content team for the company.

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Furthermore, The company is also proud to offer their WordPress development services in the Portland area. The company understands the importance for local businesses to reach their target audience. One of the best ways to achieve this is through local packs. Local packs are specialized sections of results that pop up on the first page of Google’s results page. This creates a very attractive focal point for any user that happens to search for something local enough. Having a site rank and get on one of those local packs signifies the mark of a great looking SEO and digital marketing team.

Coming from another customer testimonial, “Sharp Tack Media prides itself on being honest, having fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. They are always available for consultation and to give their constructive insight into what will really help a company to succeed. They understand that there are budgets of all types of people and they just want to assure any future customer that partners up with them that they will be very considerate and reasonable. They will work with the client to go over the specifications of their website design project and create a plan of action that perfectly addresses all of the client’s needs in the most efficient manner. They specialize in providing the most value possible to their clients and coming up with creative solutions that cut down on development time and most importantly, save the client money. The ultimate goal of Sharp Tack Media is to provide each client with quality web design the best and fastest possible return on their investment.” While other web design services might say that they have a deep understanding of developing a website for the Portland area, the folks over at Sharp Tack Media are actually based there. This insight provides them with unparalleled knowledge on what actually happens and on what people actually search for. More information about the company's Portland based offerings can be viewed here:


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