Sharp Tack Media Announces Budget-Friendly Campaign in Web Design

Sharp Tack Media, a Clackamas-based digital marketing company, have stressed the place that affordable, high class web design services have in the market. They have positioned themselves as one of the premiere digital marketing and web design companies in Portland. The company has noticed that in recent months, small businesses opted not to contract the help of web designers to create and design their own websites. The company understands that in this digital world, any business, let alone a small business such as a startup, simply can’t operate without a fully-functioning website. The company wishes to address the misconception business owners may have about web design services and agencies.

“Sharp Tack Media believes in providing quality service to each client and because of that, the company has a very solid client retention rate. Most of its clients work with them for years and this allows them to lower the costs of new client acquisition and also lower the price they charge. STM considers each of their clients special. They do their best to create amazing websites that truly help their clients grow and meet their full potential. The company’s top priority for their affordable web design is for their clients to get a great ROI so they stay with them for the long term and also refer them to new businesses. When the clients win, the company also wins and that philosophy is at the forefront of everything they do at Sharp Tack Media,” says Cody Wise, senior content manager at the company. The company is also dedicated towards sustainable growth through carefully managed marketing strategies that ensure every dollar and every move is accounted for in the whole process.

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The company has also cited their work with dozens of small and local businesses and how they’ve helped them get their hold on the digital space. The company has built hundreds of sites and has generated a massive amount of organic traffic throughout the years. This allows them to retain a large number of customers just because the service actually works, and not to mention their outstanding customer support based off of many customer reviews.

“In addition to simple and semi-custom solutions, Sharp Tack Media also offers fully custom web design where they can take any vision and make a custom solution for the companies that partner with them from scratch. Sometimes, their clients have such intricate requirements for their sites to match their vision that nothing currently available on the market just won’t work,” says one company representative. This is where the company uses its proprietary system of planning and web development processes to craft something fully custom according to their customer's exact specifications. The company wants the best for their customers, and affordable web design can get them there.

Another item that makes Sharp Tack Media highly recommended is that they take the time and effort to make sure that their clients’ websites are one of a kind. Even though they use templates for their ease of use, the company always tries to find creative and fun ways that they can make sure that their clients’ sites stand out from the crown. As more and more websites are created everyday, the company understands the fierce competition that comes with the business.

Lastly, the company, In addition to their web design services, also offer a full range of digital marketing services including social media marketing, local marketing, and search engine optimization. So not only does Sharp Tack Media have affordable web design services, they can also be the all-in-one solution any business needs when delving into the field of web design somewhere along the line. Those interested can learn more about the company’s affordable web design services here:


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