Sharp Tack Media Adds Affordable Advanced Schema Service to Arsenal

A digital media company based in Clackamas, Oregon recently went public and announced that they would be bringing advanced Schema services into their portfolio of already impressive services.

The company stated that they would be offering wallet-friendly advanced Schema Markup services that would allow sites to be seen more readily seen by Google and other search engines starting at only $199, which is a very aggressive price point for services such as Schema Markup.

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“We’re really interested in what our new Schema services can offer to business owners. We’ve been hard at work developing advanced techniques and ways to incorporate rich snippets so pages would rank better for all types of content,” says one of the lead Schema developers at the company.

The company went on record stating that they wanted to create Schema packages for small businesses who want to rank higher on SERPS but may not exactly know how to. These small businesses may have some entry level about SEO and digital marketing, but may be currently struggling to improve their SERP rankings. This where the company’s Schema services will play a crucial part.

“Schema Markup offers a detailed way to let Google know what your content means, not just what your content is. This is so important as modern SEO leans more towards semantics and how search engines try to mimic human speech in an effort to answer queries better. Making things better, Google’s upcoming BERT update further reinforces the need for semantic SEO and, subsequently, Schema Markup. That’s why we started offering advanced Schema services. We wanted small businesses with quality content to be able to reach more people and rank higher on SERPS, all at affordable rates,” remarked one company representative when asked about why the sudden shift towards Schema services.

The company further went into detail about their advanced Schema packages which include identifying any and all Schema types that a particular business may want to target, using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper to create a structured data markup for relevant pages, selecting the type of data and, finally, creating the HTML code needed to deploy the Markup to their respective pages.

The company believes that Schema Markup is the future for microdata management but are surprised that there are still just a small number of businesses that have taken advantage of this tool and an even smaller number of services that offer advanced Schema Markup. They hope to fill this gap in the market by providing quality Schema Markup services while making sure that their clients also learn in the process as Schema is a collaborative process and not a one time deal. “A business that aims to grow continuously must also continue to employ and develop their SEO and Schema strategies as the market changes and evolves,” stated Cody Wise, co-founder of Sharp Tack Media.

On top of all the services mentioned previously, the company also offers customizable and flexible Schema plans that can be tailored to any business’ needs. The company understands that not all businesses need the level of Schema that their standard plan offers, and can, alternatively, offer much more flexible services which can fit into any type and scale of business. This is ideal for businesses that don’t have much experience when it comes to semantic SEO and Schema Markup. On the other hand, businesses that want a Schema service that takes a much more hands on approach will also be pleased to know that Sharp Tack Media has its own dedicated team for Schema Markup.

The company also made a comment addressing the fact that there is a reason why not many businesses use Schema: the lack of exposure. They said that they wanted to become ambassadors for small and medium businesses to finally adopt and transition into Schema stating that, “In the future, we hope to see Schema as widespread as using any other SEO tool.” The company created a blog post here to further illustrate schema uses cases and explain further about the coding used.


For more information about Sharp Tack Media, contact the company here:

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