Shakespeare Conspiracy Theory Rocks the World with Discovery of the "Bard Code”

oxfordian theory of shakespearean authenticity

Shakespeare researcher Alan Green claims to have uncovered extensive codes hidden within William Shakespeare’s Sonnets and other works that appear to solve what he believes is the biggest literary cover-up in history and reveals knowledge of highly advanced scientific principles. The evidence appears to reveal the true author’s identity as well as a possible reason for the cover-up in his relationship to the most respected monarch in the history of England, Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. Interested viewers can view this evidence and more on the Bard Code Youtube Channel.

The Shakespeare authorship issue has been debated for around two centuries and various candidates have been proposed against a backdrop of deep-rooted interests that Green believes are intent on keeping alternative theories about the real Shakespeare silenced. The Oxfordian theory of Shakespearean authenticity often points out that the most exhaustive research in literary history has failed to unearth a single play, poem, page, or even a line written in Shakespeare’s own hand. According to them, the Stratford man we’ve all been taught was the author apparently never wrote a letter to anyone. No contemporary evidence proves anyone even saw the man in London during his 25-year career as the most celebrated playwright in the world.

Alan Green’s research and meticulous study of the plays and sonnets shows something altogether more shocking. He has unearthed an elegant web of sophisticated clues identifying not only the true author of Shakespeare’s works but also a close circle of initiates who hid advanced scientific knowledge within a vast coded puzzle. One of Green’s extraordinary discoveries indicates that these initiates knew the speed of light hundreds of years before modern science discovered it. It indicates that they also knew the average distances of the Earth to the Moon and Sun. The codes point to the Great Pyramid as the source of this ancient wisdom, which until recently has been shrouded in mystery but now reveals a direct correlation to the most significant mathematical constants and sacred geometry.

Green’s most intriguing find is actual physical evidence of where the real Shakespeare may have left proof of his true identity in the church where the Stratford man was buried. Green and colleagues secretly radar scanned the location where the codes indicated physical evidence would be found. According to the researcher himself, the scientific proof they acquired shocked them all. Waiting over 400 years to be uncovered, this likely has profound implications for England’s royal bloodline as well as for the historical timeline of crucial scientific discoveries. Fellow scholars have compared these ground-breaking discoveries to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code except, as Green states: this is a real cover-up, with real codes, and real people, involving the most famous writer in the English language and the bloodline of the ‘Virgin Queen’, Elizabeth the First.

Green has made his research public on his website and The Bard Code youtube channel in an effort to stir up renewed debate on the issue, as well as to hopefully persuade the Church to open the Holy of Holies altar stone and reveal the evidence that could prove, once and for all, who the real Shakespeare was.

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Alejandro Arzciat