ServiceOne Has Been Accepted into the Ductless Directory as a High Efficiency Ductless Contractor in Omaha Nebraska

ServiceOne, a ductless contractor based in Omaha, Nebraska, is proud to announced that they have been recently accepted into the Ductless Directory as High Efficiency Ductless Contractor. To be accepted into the Ductless Directory, a national ranking consumer resource, means that ServiceOne underwent factory training, has achieved brand acknowledgement, and is dedicated to serving their community with honesty and integrity.

Being featured in the Ductless Directory means that consumers will be able to learn about the contractor’s offering through a landing page on the directory. The landing page for a particular contractor show cases their product offering, including a video that informs consumers on the advantages of going ductless. The landing page for a featured contractor showcases their USP aka their Unique Selling Proposition and includes one of the 3 videos that they receive as a "Featured Contractor". (With all 3 videos being uploaded and promoted on the Ductless Directory's YouTube channel.) The series of videos educates and informs consumer of the many advantages of going ductless.

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Residents of Omaha Nebraska can be assured that the city has a climate suitable for a ductless heat pump. This is because a ductless heat pump, which is also called ductless mini split, is capable of both heating and cooling. A ductless heat pump can handle the most common challenges with regards to home comfort in Omaha. Every homeowner may have experienced having a single room or a particular area that is either too hot or too cold, rendering it unusable during a specific time of the year. Having a ductless system can offer a solution to the problem. ServiceOne can offer such a system and more information can easily be obtained on their Facebook page, which can be found on Facebook by searching for "serviceoneomaha".

ServiceOne Vice President Jeff Churchill explains, “Ductless systems are different than traditional forced air systems because you don’t have ductwork in the home. Instead, you have several different comfort areas with their own separate zone which allows for more control and greater energy savings.”

Meanwhile, some homeowners are interested in a way to bring down their energy bills. Going ductless offers a great solution towards reducing energy costs because almost 50 percent of homeowners’ utility bills go towards heating and cooling the home.

Ductless heat pumps have gained even greater importance during the current pandemic because indoor air quality is affected by the fact that more people are working from home. With most heating and cooling systems, forced air equipment, such as a central air conditioner or a furnace, force air through a maze of ductwork that usually contains an accumulation of dirt, dust, debris, mold, bacteria, mildew, and viruses. A ductless system doesn’t use ductwork and is able to avoid such kind of air contamination.

And because there is no need for ductwork, it is fast and easy to install a ductless system to practically any home. It is also a suitable solution for older homes without ductwork and for historic homes that would be marred by the installation of ductwork.

ServiceOne has partnered with Daikin Air Intelligence to provide homes with a ductless system. Daikin is the leading expert in ductless technology worldwide and provides an excellent warranty and some of the highest efficiencies. Many Daikin units may even qualify for rebates and incentives. In addition, Daikin has a wide range of products so it is most likely that a specific unit that is suitable for a particular home can be found.

ServiceOne is a Daikin Comfort Pro contractor, which the highest level of certification that can be reached by contractor. Jeff Churchill says, “We chose Daikin for their commitment to innovation, their broad product selection and outstanding warranty.”

One of the popular reasons for opting to install a ductless system it to add air conditioning to a home. Ductless air conditioning is commonly used for master bedrooms, the main living space, and the baby room. A ductless system is also suitable for garages, basements, or attics that have been converted into living space. Instead of putting additional stress on a home’s existing heating and cooling system, the additional work can easily be handled by a ductless system.

When interested in a top ductless contractor Omaha Nebraska residents may want to check out the ServiceOne website or contact them on the phone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


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