SERP Co's Free SEO Training Program Has Changed the Future of SEO Clients

SERP Co, a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA, has been offering free SEO training for business owners that has helped them change their future for the better. The company has been providing free training on Facebook and this has helped its clients get better results. SERP Co practices the ultimate level of transparency for its clients and its free training group on Facebook has now more than 250 members who have achieved extremely satisfying results.

SERP Co’s Facebook group for free training is known as SERP University and it has the goal of offering the best SEO and marketing knowledge available online that is completely free of charge. SERP University provides various kinds of services, such as: free training on everything about digital marketing and SEO; tools and systems they use to operate their marketing campaigns; SOPs and helpful resources to help grow a company or agency; a community of doers; and live question and answer forums that provide advice or help on a number of things.

A spokesperson for SERP Co says, “We help businesses grow using proven, tested, industry-leading digital marketing strategies. Website optimization, SEO, PPC, advertising: these are all services our team is highly trained & successful in. Whatever your business needs to grow using the internet, we can help. Let's create a strategy together, so you can leave the implementation up to us and get back to your business.”

The services that they provide include: advertising, analytics, conversion, marketing, media, PPC, SEO, and websites. Their SEO services can be subdivided into e-commerce SEO, local SEO, and outreach link building. They offer SEO for e-commerce stores with the goal of getting them to the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Meanwhile, local SEO is also important because 46 percent of all Google searches are local, 50 percent of those who use their mobile phone for searching visit a store within a day, and 76 percent of local mobile searches result into an in-store purchase. The local SEO strategy is to optimize the website for offline presence for authority, optimize the website for relevance, and optimize the business’ directory presence for trust.

The quality of the SEO services provide by SERP Co is attested to by the highly positive SERP Co customer reviews. For instance, Nick P. gave them five stars and said, “Working with SERP Co has been great. Sage and his creative team have helped me build an online brand for my new dental office. From website design and content creation to social media marketing, SERP Co have the tools and skills I needed to launch my successful digital marketing campaign. I’ve been impressed with response time and ease of communication with the team at SERP Co. Well done!”

In another five-star review, Deanne R. said, “So easy to work with. We did the initial FB campaign and had great response in the 1st week! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for response from social media. Customer service is excellent!”

Another important SEO service that they provide is link outreach and acquisition services. This is white hat link building through their outreach system. This outreach system can help in placing the site’s content in front of everyone in the industry by providing other relevant blogs a chance to be exposed to the client’s brand, with many of them agreeing to put on their blog site a link to the client’s site.

SERP Co also provides a digital advertising service that can help businesses grow through a significant increase in the number of customers. Then there is the marketing analytics service, which provides the client with a clear picture of customers, marketing spending and performance. And with their conversion rate optimization services, they will test ideas to find out the best user experience for the client’s website and increase its conversion rate.

Those who are interested in the services offered by SERP Co may want to check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. They may also want to take a look at the SERP Co LinkedIn profile.


For more information about SERP Co, contact the company here:

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