Serenity Lane Treatment Facilities Now Offering More DUI Services than Ever Before

Serenity Lane would like those people who are struggling with addiction to be aware that they are now offering more ways for individuals to get help after they have been cited for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). They accomplish this by providing their patients with such treatments as detox services, telehealth services, and both inpatient and outpatient therapies. Their non-profit treatment centers for alcohol and drug addiction have even been recognized for their outstanding contribution to the recovery of those struggling with addiction in the communities that they serve.

The company spokesperson says, "Only those who have experienced alcohol or drug addictions first-hand can possibly realize the hold that these eventually have on someone. This gets even worse if there are co-dependencies involved. Many people also don’t realize that those struggling with addiction not only have physical hurdles to get over but some very significant mental ones too. This is why so few people who suffer from addiction can beat this illness on their own. Well, we are here to help with time-tested, compassionate, and individually tailored addiction treatment programs. Many of these are tailored around individuals that have received a DUI citation. We are ready to walk side by side with those individuals that are committed to recovering from their addiction, to give them the best chance to become clean and sober again and to help them get their driving privileges reinstated."

DUII services from Serenity Lane

Serenity Lane has outpatient facilities in several locations in Oregon that have excellent programs that are designed for those struggling with addiction and have received a DUI citation as a result. This includes treatment facilities in Albany, Bend, Eugene, Roseburg, Salem, and two Portland locations. In addition to their Oregon outpatient locations, the company spokesperson noted that they have another outpatient location in Vancouver, WA, and a recently opened residential treatment facility in Coburg. She says that there are many advantages to receiving treatment from one of their reputable facilities. This includes the choice of attending evening and daytime groups and being able to select between Level II Intensive Outpatient or Level I Standard Outpatient treatments.

Patients can also take advantage of their facilities DUI Patient Monitoring. This monitoring system keeps an accurate account of an individual’s progress and attendance and also helps them with fast, effective reporting to agencies (courts) involved in their particular case. The company spokesperson added that Serenity Lane is committed to being as progressive as possible in the types of DUI treatments that they offer. She states that there is no better example of this than the safe and convenient virtual addiction recovery treatments that they are now offering. They also play a key role in helping people stay committed to their addiction recovery by organizing important online alumni meetings. Their in-patient treatment facility admits patients 7 days a week including same-day admissions in many cases. Their DUII and other treatments are also covered by most patient’s health insurance providers.

Those who have received DUI treatments from Serenity Lane often speak highly of the difference that this facility’s recovery program made in their lives. An example of that is this 5 out of 5-star review from Kyle D. who states, “Excellent staff, beautiful campus, and a great atmosphere for healing. The folks at Serenity Lane are very professional and hard working. Although expensive, the reputation of this clinic is well deserved. If it weren't for this establishment and the people who administrator it, my life would have gone in a dramatically different direction... And one not for the better.”

The company spokesperson says that they are also very discreet about the services that they provide to those struggling with addiction. Those seeking a path to addiction recovery after receiving a DUI can fill out a confidential form on their website. A facility representative will then contact them and go into more detail about their DUII Program and any other treatment programs that they are interested in.


For more information about Serenity Lane, contact the company here:

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