Serenity Lane Reorganizes DUII Services To Cover More People in Need of Programming

Eugene, OR -Serenity Lane, a network of treatment centers with locations spanning across Oregon and Washington, has reorganized its programming to assist more people that have received a citation for driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DUII). Under this new organization, Serenity Lane’s “DUII Outpatient Level 1” programming will now be covered under a majority of insurance plans.

DUI treatments are programs that are typically court-ordered after a person receives a citation for driving under the influence of an intoxicant. Many people who are cited for driving under the influence of intoxicants may be eligible for prosecution deferment programs in the form of DUII treatment programming. This means that many offenders are able to attend educational programming instead of serving jail time or probation.

Serenity Lane DUII Services

The goal of DUII programming is to provide education to those who have received a DUII citation on the effects of drugs and alcohol while driving. Serenity Lane’s programming is also designed to help DUII offenders increase their awareness and knowledge of alcohol and drugs and how they relate to driving skills, and to help them identify their own drinking or drug use and driving patterns. The goal of any program such as this is to assist DUII offenders in forming a plan to reduce their probability of engaging in driving under the influence and other reckless behaviors.

At the DUII program at Serenity Lane, attendees will receive specific instruction on a number of topics including information on alcohol as an intoxicant, the psychological effects of alcohol as an intoxicant (including alcohol’s residual effects on normal levels of driving performance), and how substance use can affect individuals and relationships. Another major educational component of this treatment program is teaching attendees about Oregon’s laws and penalties related to driving under the influence of intoxicants.

This reorganization to include more insurance coverage plans comes as a result of an unmet need in Oregon as well as the state’s mandates regarding DUII treatment classes. While many states allow offenders to complete DUII programming via online classes, Oregon requires people to attend these classes in person if the offense occurred within state lines.

Serenity Lane offers this DUII programming at eight separate outpatient treatment facilities across Oregon and Washington.

Serenity Lane offers a full continuum of treatment options for people suffering from substance use disorders, from detox to DUII programming and extended residential options. Call Serenity Lane today at 800-543-9905 to learn more about treatment options.


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