Serenity Lane Offers Addiction Treatment Through Telehealth (Recovery Now)

Serenity Lane, a Coburg, Oregon-based alcohol and drug treatment provider, would like to reach out to local residents who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The addiction treatment center offers virtual treatment, which means those fighting addiction can get the help they need despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. Serenity Lane’s RecoveryNOW virtual treatment program is just as effective as their exceptional intensive outpatient treatment and Level 1 outpatient program. The treatment is conducted over Zoom and includes both group sessions as well as one-on-one meetings with counselors.

RecoveryNOW is simple and easy to use. Serenity Lane has set a simple list of rules and instructions for patients to follow when joining RecoveryNOW virtual meetings. “If you have a computer with internet or a smartphone, you can download Zoom and join the meeting using a link or meeting ID provided by your counselor,” says Serenity Lane. “If you do not have internet, a computer, or a smartphone, there is also a way to call into the meeting. You will be provided with a call-in number and meeting code. You may use these to join the meeting by phone. We will be opening meetings 15 minutes early for participants to test their connection and troubleshoot any problems. The counselor will take attendance at the start of the meeting. The same rules for attendance apply to these virtual meetings. Arrive on time to be counted.” One can also learn about the program through Serenity Lane’s outpatient handbook.

All patients are provided with a "problems and goals" form—which helps them make their goals a priority while they are going through treatment. Serenity Lane places great emphasis on working with patients to come up with treatment programs and schedules that work. This allows the patient to state what they would like to achieve while under the supervision of Serenity Lane’s addiction treatment specialists.

Serenity Lane has made it their mission to change the lives of those (and their loved ones) struggling with addiction through tried and tested treatment methods. Their team believes that recovery from addiction is always possible with the right care and treatment, and they are committed to providing excellent patient care by being sensitive to the unique needs of each individual patient. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction, Serenity Lane believes, and only by affirming the dignity and worth of each patient is it possible to free them from addiction.

Serenity Lane is a non-profit organization founded in 1973 by Dr. Thomas A. Kerns. The addiction treatment center has since grown to become the only provider in Oregon that is fully licensed as a specialty hospital to do withdrawal support.

For more information on the treatment center’s telehealth treatment program, visit their website. Serenity Lane’s representatives may be contacted for further details as well.


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